The sources say that someone inside the store called to report to baby


Ingredients. We have tomatoes way have participating, too cumbersome Red pepper Way have AH, fake Spanish accent. That's Hilaria Baldwin, and it turns out when She forgot how to say cucumber in Spanish. The resulting single resulting consequence so far is losing a baby diaper spokesperson gig she had, like like star asters and endorsements there like there are a lot more of them. Know Hilaria Baldwin or Hillary as airborne given name is not Spanish, and in the wake of the scandal in which she did years long display of being Spanish, And then everyone found out she was from Boston. Now it is starting to, I guess, get the ripple effect, and she has now lost the diaper endorsement. Unclear if they're going to be other brand partnerships or You're just going to hide in the Hamptons like they currently are doing. She's now has to find somewhere else to get free diapers. Tough, maybe situation. Oh, maybe considering hold her husband is Shouldn't get depends. Oh, it's not a joke. I'm just think it's something to seriously consider feel like a diaper companies got good money too. Oh, yeah, probably making some cash day very familiar with Hell, you don't

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