The Changing Fortunes Edition


Listeners. Noah here with an important message before the show. The new york times is reporting that the dominion voting systems corporation filed the lawsuit this week against rudy giuliani. Donald trump's lawyer seeking damages of more than one billion three hundred million dollars which damages were extensively caused when giuliani spread quote unquote demonstrably false statements about dominion in an effort according to the times quote to enrich himself through legal fees and his podcast and quote apparently saying over and over on his podcast that dominion voting systems was created by venezuelan marxist strongman yugoslavia's who died in two thousand and thirteen in order to distort election results increased the number of people who listen to giuliani's podcasts. So much that giuliani could then sell hundreds of millions. Maybe billions of dollars worth of advertisements. Here listen to a bit of how giuliani pulled off this podcast. The logical miracle from episode ninety five of his show original investors with to venezuelans who were close to You go show vez. It has a very very shady background as being a vote counting system that was able to be manipulated with algorithms to assure the reelection of ugo chevenez. Who'd be right back. If you wanted to gar- go to a good cigar show. You want the best. Go to famous smoke. Show let famous smoke. Deliver your favorite cigars right to your doorstep. America's lowest prices famous one hundred thirty nine as a small shop in new. York's giuliani goes on for a good while about this. But i guess the point is clear. And what the point is we at the promised. Podcast also think that you go. Chevette is tampering with american voting machines. More specifically in the lv one vault. We have incontrovertible evidence that you go shah says working with vladimir zilenski hillary clinton jimmy hoffa the lindbergh baby and the rand corporation funded by george soros tampering as we speak with american voting machines also with those little paper slips that we put in envelopes here to vote in israel as a listener of the podcast. All we ask of you is that you tell everyone you know. Especially if you know the marketing director of cigar companies or really. Any purveyor of fine smokes. And i'm smoking a cigar in the studio right now. Man is at smooth to listen to the promise. Podcast which is really the only place you'll hear about this important story now onto the show.

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