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Newspapers. And we them to a trump or indeed a trombone. And so i i up on the ocoee. This This session we have women. Crates genderless pack of playing cards so at queen trump king So in the day and age where we're conscientious and i'm passionate about gender equality. Have you ever stopped to wonder why. The male monarchs still trump's queen in a pack of cards. This is something that doesn't sit right with a twenty three year old indian. Melnick says she decided to take matters into her hands. The forensic psychology graduate spent a while thinking about how she can make a change after a lot of trialing creating agenda listen race neutral deck of cards king queen and jack instead replaced with gold silver and bronze the gupta modern set of cards of the modern world. If we have the skyrocketed the king is worth more than the queen and this subtle inequality influences people in their daily lives. But it makes me think though is the joker the joke i mean would he be like a unit. Would he be genderless. So there'd be no bell shaking his head. How does one play old made. Now could all may be an old queen maybe Maybe it's just all three contract and the data shown off the incredible harry potter theme secret. Hideaway cry different. Dalton the cupboard under the stairs his creation is far from the dusty room full of spiders. Harry called his bedroom and does the household with dad finishing the project in time to unveil it to his eight year old daughter at christmas. The outside of the cup is decorated with portrayed and the fat lady who caused the engines to griffin tower with visitors having to know the correct password to gain access the dole then swings open to reveal raven clo- flag the house in which is door to assorted into and the floating candles hanging from the ceiling. But i'm just thinking the dad is correct. Corrected is wondrous harry potter kingdom for his daughter. They can have to have an extension especially for hagrid. Who's a slightly wider. Wizard and a chinese restaurant owned has been praised for extremely honest menu descriptions before taking the plunge in ordering food from a new restaurant. People often look at reviews. Tripadvisor google But what you expect to see the only the restaurant leaving their own critique But fair gang fe avant die in montreal. Canada prefers to give customers extremely honest opinions of his food. The menu was shed by finding the restaurant came and the user praised the owner for keeping it. Real so with the orange beef the owners words comparing it to our general south chicken. This one is not good anyway. I'm not a big fan of north american chinese food and not say your call if you're going to choose it so the owner also revealed that he's not a fan of the sweet and spicy pork strikes for this different version. He used a eaten at university. In china I would hate him to describe the essence of prom balls his menu as sarcasm a lot more sour than sweet with added msg and the woman. Hsieh's genius liberal attest to find out if your partner is cheating. A woman has been praised for fbi levels of investigation after sharing hilarity. Simple method discovery. If you're never gonna has been unfaithful us. It's more than one point. Seven million followers and discovered clip the captioned how to fund it. If you man's cheating is wrapped more than twelve million views she lady. If you want to find out if your guys cheating on you get yourself and roll it all over the carpet. Andrew andrew. The news of the lint roller over the floor in bedrooms boyfriends bedroom picking up plenty of dust along the way appear to be a few strands of red hair has impossible to spot before i mean in this case i mean what what happens if it was the most impressive red headed hound. The nova scotia duck tolling. She had one of those in the pack and could be picking up the red hair off the carpet and it was a nova scotia. Duck tolling retriever. Who has been locks as well or maybe. The boyfriend had some sort of poodle. Perversion and the manny changes his name to selene on. After having far too much to drink a thirty year old man decided to change. Name to selene dion. After having too many glasses of wine thomas dot otherwise known as slain. Had the idea while watching the canadian series concerts. He thought it'd be great idea to pay eighty-nine eighty nine dollars officially take her name but completely forgot about The official depot documents landed this wednesday On his doorstep and really and the found out that he had actually whilst drunk changes name to indeed celine dion Apparently had had enough wine to sink. The titanic the and he just said salabi. My heart will go on But he certainly didn't feel like he was king of the world after that and oscar mayer is hiring. Hotdog is dry. The of bill. Have you been looking for something that will stand out on your resume. Are you the kind of person who wants to work your buns off while meeting hotdog fans across the country or maybe history into jarring driving away com. This could be your lucky day. Because is looking to hire new approve hotdogs to drive the oscar mayer wiener mobile the chicago-based companies looking for recent college graduates to take a one year. Pay job crisscrossing the country in a long long twenty foot long hot joke shaped vehicle. I mean you might need bernie to come along and sanitize the wiener mobile It may not be a good example to encourage hot dogging especially when hot peppers or pickles are involved and a bodybuilder is married. A sex though revealed she tragically broke just before christmas. Yuri took all go from. Kazakhstan is now waiting to see if his wife called. Margot can be repaired in time. A just after christmas. She's broken now. she's being repaired. She's in another city when she recovers big gift for both of us. He did explain how margot that he married. The sex dole got broken. And i guess in this case it was a sex. Wasn't just for christmas so there were no trusted frolics for him. Maybe next time he should try. Would've not crocodile certainly more wooden in the bedroom and indeed have a capsule jaw and south carolina couple accused of having sex and a two hundred foot. Tall ferris wheel is facing lewdness charge of public lewdness and the incident was captured on video. Which police allegedly found uploaded on a porn site. Eric and laurie harmon or both arrested. Charges of indecent exposure The record shine police found the gio having sex in a glass chamber in the landmark Be sky will but apparently there had sex on the other Rides as well. I mean this case. I mean in this case. They were caught dilling on the dipper. Fiddling on the ferris. Luckily there were no cotton candy or sticky toffee apples involved. Apparently they did feel that they had the patent pass which was access to lara's and finally the first preserved dinosaur bottle is perfect and unique paleontologist said the first dina. Dinosaur battle ever discovered the shedding light. Where the sun doesn't shine the discovery reveals how dinosaurs use this multi-purpose opening scientifically known as the local vent off all all three items here number one two and breeding as well the dinosaurs dairy so preserved research. You could see the remnants a small bulges on its back door which my house musky scent glands. The reptile possibly used during courtship. I mean in this case. I wonder if these press stark poopers ever had hemorrhoids. It could it could indeed be a ruptured raptor. Okay okay so we have. The twenty-first limerick in the twenty one salute for the president joe biden. And i think we we do we do without a doubt have to do a a desert. there's no doubt we have to do. We have to do one of the ones. There was a young lady named hitchen who was scratching across in the kitchen. Her mother said rose. It's a crabs. I suppose she said yes in. The bug is rich in okay. So let's open the antique anglo. Ach so in the anglo and got this week we have some more foods We have the bird's-eye custody trifle So basically for all of our listeners. All around the world who did not travelers at the bottom. You have canned fruit. That has jello and jelly. And then there's a layer of English custard in the middle and then it's whipped cream on top and you have lashings of sherry. I remember many years ago. My mother will attest to this are is at school. And they were serving trifle and the gentleman who was serving it In gave me a dollop of this trifle. And i said i do. Hope this sherry in it sir. My mother always put sherry in the costed. Seventy one like sasa i one bird's-eye custard a trifle custard. And then i never remember this but capris did instant mashed potato now. I know that was an advert where there were basically robots doing the smash potato And they were making this robert sip-it like cement mashed potato and that was something that we ate in the as well instant mashed potato and then you had the delicious caramel banana flavored angel. Delight is basically for americans pudding and it's a powder mixed it with milk stirred it up. And then i think. Let it in the fridge for a little bit. And you have the most delicious pudding the caramel or or salted caramel whatever. It was and the banana flavor. Were out of this world. It was like heaven heaven in a little glass bowl and all the other children in the eighties. Were were eating that but the best of all legs gentlemen. Let me introduce you to via natta. Now i think we have via netter every sunday during During the summer is an ice cream. Basically and it was layers of creamy Vanilla ice cream with very slender pieces of dark chocolate spread all the way through. It was like an dot chocolate bars and chocolate on top. We've creamy vanilla ice cream and let it melted a little bit because you don't want to completely frozen and it was absolutely delicious and some of the people on twitter would say in celebration also the vetter always sought the annetta. Look like cuttlefish vice versa. thursday night always shopping night. Vinet gone by eight o'clock It was supposed to lost to wake lived on these during three power cut. Three power cuts. We just left them outside the floor out. Veneta was only served in a sunday dinner. it was a classier ice cream any other night. It was the awful vanilla from the plastic tub and a mate with trying to impress a girl invited around for a meal border veneta for pudding but left it in his bag and it started to melt. He genuinely believed that if he stuck it in the freezer reconfigure and it did not Every time we went to my aunt betty's it was the pudding choice then at a hands down hands up everybody who spent ages trying to cut through the bottom layer frozen chocolate before realizing it was the brown plastic tray. So there we go. That's the Antique anglo ark. This week we have veneta bird's-eye Trifle and we had the angel delight delicious dessert three marvelously. Nine hundred eighty s desserts. So thank you very much. Listening to the podcast is been a momentous week. The world changes week. Isn't it so nice to have boring game either. The boring Regiments have government going on as normal without hysteria twitter 'isms and everything else. So we had all twenty one limerick salute for the irish heritage of joe biden. And thank you very much. For listening to the podcast. This week we did ever touch on. Liz hurley's bikini marmalade exploits. We didn't touch on me trying to reintroduce the perfect baked potato. We have time next week. Folks we have plenty of time. We have all the time in the world to discuss The wondrous Baked potato and how you should cook it. abbas hurley making marmalade in a bikini. Which i think. I'm going to try this week and then i'm going to maybe a champagne marmalade in a in a in probably a man caney bar style this week and hopefully there won't be any smattering without a doubt. But it's been lovely to have you here Lovely to have you on the podcast. This week keep coming cauliflower cheese and cheese on twitter at keep coming cauliflower cheese on instagram likened subscribe. i'm across spotify apple music Also i'm a shoot in iheart radio pandora everywhere people everywhere and yes logging. Enjoy it I mean it may be something. Maybe i could send you a sleep at night. If you're insomniac it could be. It could be the you know the better than the sound machine. Although i have to say my love did get a sound machine and the crackling. Fire the crackling fire is absolutely delightful and it makes me sleep. The baby and i highly recommend the sound machine if you have trouble sleeping and is absolutely wondrous invention but that's been the podcast We all going to finish with a never shameless heaney poem. One of biden's favorites to to close the day. It's bell doug they just keep turning up and were ford as those foreign one eyed and benign. They lie about his house. Cranston's out of a ball to lift the lid of the pete and find this pupil dreaming of neolithic wheat when he stripped off blanket bog soft piled centuries. Open like a glib there. Were the first plough marks. The stone age fields the tomb call beld turfed and chambered flawed with writer. Comb landscape fossilized stonewall patterns repeated before our eyes and the stonewalls of mayo. Before i turned

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