A highlight from Preparing for 20201 Fantasy Football


It google. It use your googly machine and you'll see that at f. g underscore donating is number one. He's the best we liked the best. That's why we have the best at f g underscore dolan joe. What's up man. Hey rosco too good to be with you here. I need you know we started doing this last year and we weren't on video on video now. I just realized well. I've realized this before but i really need to stop taking hot showers. Before i come on here i look i look like i just went for like an eight mile. Run without read my vases so Did stop doing that right before the bod gas. I just realized that. I was gonna ask you. Look a little flush your your cheeks and face you look a little flush and once and i have a hot cup of coffee over here which isn't helping things either. Know it's funny because i am a. I am a king of the thermostat. That is my possession and i. my body. Temperature is a lot higher than my wife's. So i have to keep the thermostat at a temperature where i feel cool however i take showers. That are close to boiling. I don't understand why it's just. It's just the weird quirks that i am That i have. But but yeah. I looked like i just ran a marathon which i can utterly guarantee you is not the case right so i've got questions now number one. What do you normally keep the thermostat in the winter during the day. It's at sixty eight. Usually sixty seven to go to bed In the summer. I'll let the wife turn it up to seventy because she really hates air conditioning. Now you know people are like apparently. I'm actually relatively moderate when it comes to the thermostat or like I'm a big proponent of air conditioning. I love it. It's a great invention. I think it could have saved. James garfield life back in eighteen. Eighty one if it existed. So i mean air. Conditioning is a wonderful thing But i keep it at seventy the summer. Sixty seven to sleep during the summer. I don't know what your thermostat situation is. Ross but i get the feeling you're like me. You prefer the core thermostat. We keep it at seventy pretty much year round. That's not too bad. that's i have to turn it down to go to bed that it has to be turned down and go to bed. I sleep very hot. And i'd be lying if i said i'm in control of the thermostat We also have two kids. So i too little girl so i'm not totally in charge of that. I am intrigued though. Because we now record this show wednesdays at one thirty pm eastern time the mid day shower. Tell me shower. did you work out. I actually. I want to get a haircut so after the haircut. You gotta get a you gotta get the all the The the deep doo dads out out of your hair. So that's why that's why right now. God okay very interesting all right. This is why joe's the man this is why we love this show And by the way we are year round. And what's really cool in the off season. Is we get into every different fantasy football genre like we talk dynasty. We talked best ball into a lot of best ball. Stuff this offseason. that's my preferred format. It's interesting joe. I feel like the more. I talked to people. They're they're like leaning to either basketball or dynasty dynasties like that is like i want to be involved year round best balls like let me just draft and then be done. Yeah and i love both of them. So i'm joining a new dynasty league. This offseason and best ball season is right around the corner. Ross as a matter of fact at fantasy points dot com. We just did kind of staff. Best ball rankings. That are going to be up soon. And i gotta be honest with you and i think that's what we're going to get into today. I mean talk about speculation station. You know i it you you saw a tweet from adam schefter a little bit earlier this week and he said it was a. It was on monday night. And he said hero was a graphic and said here all quarterbacks whose futures are up in the air and He essentially set the over under. We've over under his on this podcast. He set the over under of eighteen quarterback changes in the nfl. Basically eighteen teams are going to have a new main starting quarterback in the twenty twenty one season. And adam schefter said he will take the over now. Adam schefter isn't just pulling that willing nilly out of his butt cheeks adam. Schefter is going to be informed when he's thinking of something like that. So i went through personally and i said how many quarterback situations do i feel confident. Our i set. I set it at a ninety percent confidence interval. And i said to myself argue ninety percent or more confident that the main starting quarterback from this particular team from the twenty twenty season is going to be the starting quarterback for a team the same team in twenty twenty one and frankly ross. I came up with only eleven teams.

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