The episode where this is the final episode ever


The thankful hello. We say things episode ninety three Suns fan here with sinderen and we have a very special episode but merson cinder and how are you doing on this loveliest of days. I'm doing great shannon. I actually. I couldn't believe it. You know sometimes you have this thing where your body knows that you're supposed to wake up and you wake up right before. Yeah i woke up like five minutes before the alarm had set. And because of that. I don't feel like i'm not so tired. I woke up with like a big fart. You know those like the best one soon. Then you're there so you're going to stay erection but actually improve also good. No no no. I don't say inappropriate stuff in the podcast unit. don't excellent. I really appreciate it So before i get to the patriots shadow actually wanna to do this first For those that are watching on youtube the episode name is going to be a bit click. Beatty says it's the final episode ever and again we said this last week but in case you missed it this will be the final episode we ever post on doda cinema youtube channel For this episode it will be on both this the youtube the cinema channel and our new channel which you can see is down on the bottom right. Youtube dot com slash. We say things so be sure to subscribe to that youtube channel. If you wanna learn why we're doing that you can listen to last week's episode. Just keep in mind you listen to audio if you are if you watch on twitch nothing is changing absolutely nothing is changing. It's only for youtube watchers so please subscribed in the channel because next week it won't be on doda cinema so this is your time to do so also want to announce that and i you know. It's funny. I making this announcement. I haven't even talked to senator and about it but they're announcing a new schedule. So typically. This is on tuesdays and i know a lot of people have gotten used to that and i appreciate it. But on episode one hundred will probably announce a new schedule going forward athlete for one and beyond that makes more sense for what valve is currently doing which what they're currently doing is waiting for our podcast. It'd be released and then having a massive update so my question and you guys can leave your comments in the youtube comments for

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