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Is it not opted. Are you opt in by default. you are again. I don't love the idea that some tv box manufacturer has data about what shows i watch at the same time. It's not exactly the crown jewels like that's like nielsen box. Basically your cable box may also be doing this the netflix's tracking what you'll watch him when you're in netflix. Every service uses tracking you even on the apple. Tv right there tracking you within their silo not across devices but they are absolutely doing that apple. Has i believe a privacy. Opt out in tv os so it too has got some amount of data but the so. I think this is overblown. But the truth is i think it's fair to say for a certain audience. The fact that the apple tv is from apple provides a level of comfort that a random company that they've never heard of or only have heard of in passing or don't trust for other reasons can provide and i think that's i think that's fair. I would probably argue that. That doesn't count for most people. It doesn't counterbalance the fact that you can get this one for thirty five dollars in this one's on one one seventy nine but for some people it does so even though i can be a little skeptical that i think maybe this is overstated on both sides. It is perceived as an advantage for apple. And you know. I don't think anybody expects apple to make a product for thirty five dollars just because roku does right now. That's what apple does but the difference between the apple. Tv and every other model all of which have been updated in the last month and apple. Tv hasn't been updated for two years. It's worth worth

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