02.22.21 Car buyer update for new and used vehiciles / A stand out cell phone plan

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This podcast is sponsored by visible wireless service. When you find something cool you usually want to share it especially when that thing saves you money. This wide like to introduce visible party. Pay start a party. Invite unlimited amounts of friends relatives even strangers then start enjoying legit unlimited data messages and minutes powered by verizon for twenty five dollars a month when you join a group of four or more learn more at visible dot com forward slash plan forward slash party hyphen pay. That's v. i. s. l. e. dot com forward slash plan forward slash party hyphen pay spread. The word share this savings with party. Pay by visible terms apply. It's my pleasure to welcome at clark. Howard show our mission to serve and empower use. A you make better financial decisions in your life. Today's episode. I got a lot of news for you about something. You may be into right now. Buying vehicle also. There's a cellphone service.

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