ZADDY Issues (feat Venny)


It's been thirty years since the first episode of beverly hills nine. Oh two one. Oh thirty years since we walk the halls of west beverly high and since we all hung out at the beach fit relive at all with jenny guard and tori spelling on their new. Podcasts nine oh two one oh. Md we get to tell the fans all the behind the scene stories to actually happen. Join them as they re watch every episode of the beloved nineties. Tv show from the very beginning. Listen to nine to one zero. Md on the iheartradio app. Or wherever you get your podcasts to some ziggy stardust. To others the thin white duke. Or major tom. But who's david bowie really to answer that. We'll have to go off the record off. The record is a new music. Be podcast every season profiles one legendary artists to start. We'll explore the faces of david. Bone each episode tells the story of one of his chronic personas together they form an intimate portrait of the complex cultural giant off the record premieres. January eighteenth wasn't follow on iheartradio app apple podcasts or wherever you is near favorite shows i guess what decision we're about to make moral decision to give you a little really jury distress. Every time he found it his this year we are not like rouse. Sorry hey guys. Welcome to another week. We a week to a mother. Fucking twenty twenty. What are we alive here. Are we go we thumb be if this is what's leftover. Oh hi guys. i'm wheezy. Welcome to another episode of our show today. We have a close friend my best. He and our tour assistant what what is his title on the show. Are you want to know. I call myself coach or manager. Because like i'll be there for most of the day right and then we actually did have a tour manager so he's like me do much more You know way more than that and who came to our shores when it was just we putting them on yummy have seen him sell t shirts help with our song help with letting us there live in there for a while. Yeah yeah the beginning. You guys may have also heard him before. All start started all the way back from four years ago for the murderer. It's thirteen or fourteen early for the murder murder and man on the diaz. Let me tell you something. I have flashbacks. Oh you fucked the motorist. Obits and like i really like go through the experience all over again like oh did decline out a bathroom window or lethal by streams. Either horny reviews. No vinnie is. I'm so glad he's part of our horrible decisions. Team along with really like our core and dwayne now yeah but So shout out to them. But yes so venus here. Mary enga- new year with you so i wanted to talk about something different. Because we've had so many gay men on and particularly with vinny. I decided it'd be like our game in be like gay episodes. And so i'm glad like we're gonna talk about. Got him dating right as people despite our sexuality. Because it's not like we're trying be like tell us all about your gay she could also because you're good all right. That's pretty much mine. I'm not trying to anyone yet. But i mean we get it friend no. It was difficult. Because i was like many so many stories like. What can we talk about with benny. And i feel like this has been a trend in your life for as long as i've known you. Yeah yeah we're gonna talk about daddy's today before we get to data and i'm not talking about just mandy and i having old days. I'm talking daddy's like fifty five plies. Let's say fifty plus okay and they love him to y'all let me just explain during the pandemic we went to. I came to boston. Because i missed many birthdays and we went to the gay bar where it was socially distance. It was really difficult by the way because like gauges be on top of each other. Because that's how they speak and definitely say hello. This is really weird even if you stood up and went to another table but they did well. That's the name of that. Kathy's kathy's yet cathedral station megan. They're always. I hate partying with dustin for that reason like i hate going out and be like they don't like me fat guy stole like not even here for me and i'm like i know you do always our only point out. How many looking men there were in there. Because i don't know if you saw because you were looking at the aarp table friend and if you can remember. They own their masks on. They didn't everybody else responsible to now because they might have died. Probably all have underlying conditions serious. That not only. I said this about many. What's your friend you not. What's his name. Little blunt jared jerry but you also eager to listen to. Everybody knows you like. Oh they go insane like literally. I don't know what the silver hair white hair does. I'm not gonna lie. I liked disarmed pepper now. I need the public now. I don't want all salt pepper and like the bowl. A little bit gold. The ball does about spa it. Out sign bisque. Twenty to put sunscreen on it dividend. Be wait to hear around like here around. But you know. Sometimes if they're balled they'd like say the whole thing. Listen if i gotta say during the battle at the shuttle's okay. But if i have to say baby. Let me put some sunscreen on your head in the summertime. betsy right there for me. No i like them anymore. Emig me daddy. I taught there about it. Because i was truly concerned and i was like listen. You know my father was a little absent. But i had male figures in my life lindsay. Probably more than just a father. I had like a father and eight cousins. And so i was like is are these daddy issues. She was like oh really. You could like older utilized. But i thought he was rooted in like my father not being there and she was like what you had male figures all around you. I thought it was a daddy thing because well maybe not. It's just that you are for example. This is just me telling what i know. But vinnie isn't someone's will and i just feel like when you're

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