What Washington’s New Reopening Plan Means for Seattle Restaurants


News 2 30 this afternoon, Governor Jay Inslee is expected to update us with the latest on our state's coronavirus response when he extended restrictions for an additional week. Last time. He promised more details on a re opening plan this week. The current restrictions are scheduled to expire next Monday. But that could be renewed. Some restaurant owners across the state continue to defy the governor's the restrictions and a judge will hear their cases today. Almost Jonathan show reports from one of those restaurants just south of Olympia, then continues to allow indoor dining. Demonstrators showed up with flags and signs to support farm boy in front of the restaurant, but also use this time to encourage the state's Republicans to keep fighting for this cause. Last month, a Thurston County judge issued a restraining order against the restaurant and the owners could face contempt of court sanctions if they refused to shut down. Indoor dining. So far, farm boys racked up more than $50,000 in fines. Spiffy is insured. Hollis is the other restaurant If I The governor's restrictions. The owners there have been fined more than $60,000. They're also hoping the judge allows them to keep indoor dining going. Many restaurants across the state remain open but are only allowed to offer take out or curbside pickup. The governor's office says the vast majority of businesses are following these restrictions and believes the court's orders will be

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