New Orleans announces new restrictions for Mardi Gras


A story about how just crazy and bizarre and unfunny things have gone because we were saying last year you know fund is not allowed anymore and now there will be no fun here. Yep member mardi gras. I loved mardi gras on one side. Yeah okay yeah when we first got back together. She was living in in new orleans. And i was living in florida and she just moved back from london and she calls me up and she's like. Hey i'm living in new orleans mardi gras right and i went up and it was a blast and it's basically the rink really. Yeah i was. I was in non drinker nonsmoker. Then but it was just fun to be around hard onto be around everybody and to see all pretty boobs and yeah it was. It was glove. She wouldn't do it though because she she was. You know she. She was at one time a professional dancer and she was like. Hey to see this. I do not work for bubbles. Well now unfortunately all the fun is gone. According to nola dot com all new orleans bars are going to be closed for mardi. Gras access will be restricted to major streets. Under new rules. Bars will be closed. People have to pass through checkpoints to get two major streets like bourbon street and frenchman streets and heavy police presence will patrol new orleans. I mean they were already bad. The police in in new orleans. Oh yeah don't when they start riding their horses down the middle of the street you do not get in their way because they will mess you up without a second thought. The days leading to mardi gras this year will face. Heavy police patrols. As part of a plan aimed at cracking down on crowds to prevent the spread of corona virus new restrictions were announced friday by mayor. Latoya cantrell who said that moves were necessary to prevent celebrations from becoming super spreader events as they did last

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