Off The Record: NEXT JK ADVENTURE? (Just The Boyz)



Guys welcome back to after record where we talk about exactly the one topic that we prepare for you because today we are doing something called two men and a baby daddy daddy and the and today's topic is what what is the next. Jk adventure or your own personal adventure. Man i don't know but i've been thinking about this and so hear me out. What do you guys think of this right. So me and daring. we got our. We finally got our like overland vehicles. You've got yours right. What does he have the foreign around. Bottom of forerunner. Yeah and in so we have that. David has a four runner runner all. Yeah all yeah. Why don't we care a van somewhere where there's no people and we have our little adventure as a going away trip for gio and taika. Oh has printed tundra mm-hmm abaya just for that. Yeah i have an excuse. Yeah tally tight dude. And by that time will hopefully dad's adult idea we'll daring has like three dirt bikes of shoes so we can go off road like we could park and create like a little like base with all of our cars go round. We can fuck and mad. Max you know do some shit like that. Don't we pretty spot again. All your uncle spots perfect to go more more nature. No i like your uncle spot you know. I am rented a jeep patriot or something that time and then i actually took that piece of shit off roading. It was so bad. Do the dry riverbed right yet. And i took it to the hill. Yeah i took it to the very top and it was scary to your uncle. Spot is the fastest. I've ever driven my truck off road. Because i was hitting my seventy miles an hour. It was it every time he hits a bump like feel. My car almost get air. I'm like oh shit you just see everyone brings like the crazy dude buggies or like crawlers. Everything that driver they go fucking fast. That was so fun. Yeah i like it because it's private. It's our own spot. I mean is bathroom. Yeah and if you needed a shower i guess. Yeah because i've been doing just none of that stuff that's cool. How many days have a minor specific habitat. Or like. I guess we could all talk about brainstorms. Yeah because i don't know. I was just thinking about it. I think yesterday. I came up with the idea and i was like oh. We should do a caravan like somewhere. Where though like shit. She likes camping okay. Betide to if we could even do we could do a small one to a tester. You like the off road area next to my house in usa There's no overnight there though. I do like a one day where we just go to barbecue small barbecue. Yeah and then we could do the go bigger. Go home bucket. Take three days to drive the vegas through the back roads. That's even crazy drop. You know bathrooms and there's kids. Schleyer freaking enzo tyco do. That's like oregon trail shit. I can't be what taika thing two or three times. I think right now. It's going to be perfect the first time camping. I think he was eight months and like this is the one with david right. This is the time where like when he put them down. If you knocks out your good but you know how like when you have a tent it's paper-thin saw like i'd put down and it takes twenty minutes to put him down immediately off. Thank god we can go to the campfire bugging fon jumps on some leaves and you hear the crunch wakes them up immediately so that was really hard and then we went camping another time. And that's still kinda stupid so he's trying to jump into the fire the whole time. It was kind of hard to watch them. But i think now he finally knows enough about the world and has a general common sense. I think it'd be probably waiting to was grilled. Rv by exit at night. I felt so bad for you guys. You didn't hear any wakeup crying. For no reason. I got because we slept we can do is sleep above the driver's seat that little space. Yeah claustrophobic all my guy. Lurie felt like you were sleeping. And i never felt like costs. You're my life by louis. Like like freaking out. That was my favorite place to sleep on. Rv on top of the driver area right there. We'll maybe now it's different but it was perfect as a kid. I dunno next trip. Is i think maybe. Go to oregon. I don't know what does it to do. in america. mean people come here for vacation. Burqas literally has more landscapes than any other country. I know only. It's more like outdoor this shit. Everything else is like closed so like anything like if we do that. It's like fix up. But what else is there. Like you could go to alaska. If you wanna see some glaciers you go to the desert. It can go too deep forest. I just want to go to canada. Which party candidate right now but snowboarding right now is really well. I don't know if it's rainy right now. If i could get it all and that's right because then the i have friends who like come. We'll get a cabinet and everything and then it's just like it's kinda hard i wanna go to whistler to for. The bike park was whistler. It's like a massive snowboard park. Like it's hell. Yeah was like a mountain canada and they have a bike park there during the summer and in the winter it's snowboard now. Wanted to go to those people say. Is aspen colorado. Supposed to be like really good ski and there's another place called the you park city. Utah supposedly pretty diverse number two. I was pretty close to aspen when we went to Moore doing colorado fan trip. Yeah and i definitely would go back like colorado is really fucking beautiful. That's where you guys are like snowboarding skateboarding. If there's snow out there were no. It was so crazy like we got up at like six and then you can literally just park anywhere in cap and there's just a lot of places like that and then you go. You can go to areas. Where there's all these dope downhill winding roads and there's no cars so you just take out your skateboard and you longboard. And you fucking go fast dude. It's scary because you don't know how to stop so you just kind of like fuck it up. The way didn't tell levels out. Yeah you wait until levels out or goes uphill but you've got to like pick your roads carefully because you don't want it to haul asked too much because it's too damn scary. Yeah so you've got to stop before it goes to steve. I don't know what.

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