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Talks about what drives the you these days even an east crazy covert times with a couple of guys that are going to drive us. crazy i think in this Next fifteen minutes here. They got some crazy ideas. Welcome if you will. Brian thompson and his friend cassidy. Hey brian this is any. Why do i feel like. I've seen cassidy in named mariah carey video. Am i hallucinating. My smoking something here today. She'd been out. Because i didn't have my friend cassidy. Here cassidy is a fellow creative. He's dancer and he's been dancing for a long time. Not only your all amount. All got good hair. But he does for the gaga chain prairie Marauder terreri around there eating out. Yeah i dance. That's what i do. I get to dance such. And i'm trying to get everybody that i know off my list. At least everybody wants neither an amazing dancer and today. We're you know we're doing this. Short little design snack videos fifteen minutes. And what i wanna do is feature people and what they're doing during this foraging time to to to do something they've never done before And so i brought a cast navy pesky his special dancer at the the tablet very humble but he really has done at the level that everybody that downstream and On gitanes logo one. But to in your own. Well i was gonna say it's interesting because i feel like so much of our life We want break sometimes where we don't have the responsibility of having something to do. You know what i mean where i'm like. We had a week off. And i've been able to have a lot of time off. Where i don't have anything going on and i'm kind of regretting that but what's interesting is dining this time. I feel like it's been a lot of self discovery because a lot of my life. I spent so much time training in dance into other people's classes Earning other people's choreography working other jobs for people and this pacific time i spent so much. Time on my. What is my voice. What is my lane you know. When it comes to fitness. I created my own workouts and watching videos and being inspired me like how can i translate. Translate this to like the four walls of my house ways or you know Not taking class all of a sudden. What is when. I hear this music. What is the first thing that i think of when i'm creating that's interesting. What is the music. Make you visualize what. What's interesting i think is a dancer sometimes a week year new music. Now there's a visual that goes along with it all the sudden. Whenever i hear that song i see that visual interest in you you win in the visual is dancing or visuals is more esoteric. Like pictures and landscapes in the content has been created. It's hard sometimes. If music is brand new dhs me. if i've already seen what somebody else has done to it. It's hard to veer away from that. Because i've put an association of movement and music together. You can't unsee what you're exactly so during this time since content has been on the low. I've been finding that it's been really beneficial for my own creative process because there isn't referencing for anything that i'm creating right now. This a blank canvas literally completely blank canvas. so what does that mean for you so when you okay. Because that's fast. Because i know watching you you're always trading new choreography. Meeting new moves that no one seen before is dot. Or you're talking about those come to you as a picture. Yes so. I find that more so for me. It's musicality because with especially with like pop music and songs that are out on the radio. There's specific beats and rhythms. That are in there that are pretty common. That makes the body move zone. Zaghawa musicality is yes. Musicality would-be Rhythms and song instruments in the song patterns of beats up people create. and so. It's been nice with this. Is that i literally as you said. Have a blank canvas. But here music i get to hear differently because it's open to a world of imagination and possibility. You know what i mean. And i can all of a sudden tune in and say what is my body feel to create this rhythm as opposed to. What am i pulling from my imagination. So what i've done is fits the process from mental and then translating it into the body to body translated mental. So you're so this time because you deprivation of the visual that you'd normally it's in a strange way far for absolutely. Oh so cool and Tell me one of the things. I i like is when you're when you're when you're doing you're getting when you're preparing. A lot of these terms are new for me too. I'm learning. I learned when you're preparing criag fee. It's like your station. You'll try something. And i was thinking you could tell people about what that looks like. What is your what is the process of designing dance. So i think for me. The most beneficial process or creating dance is allowing idea to come out before you've critiqued it in judged. I've found a lot of my time. I was first starting to create. As i'm watching because the way i created him front of a mirror so that i'm able to understand what a camera or an autumn audience member will see right from the beginning. Okay sometimes from the jump. I'm watching it happen. And i'm criticizing it or saying adult like and i don't do this and the the seed is never really planted in the ground given water air sunlight and had a chance to grow so so the creativity gets stopped before it gets fertilize. And why does that happen is for me. That was the beginning of my office. Because i'm putting judgement solving before it's had an opportunity to become ninety. I love that. So yeah the the. The release of judgment allow is basically lowering the soil. Because i think that sometimes with an idea it just needs a second to one. Sit in the body have oxygen to grow into something but also to understand that. Move or couple moves doesn't necessarily dictate the success of it. It's what the entire picture is so when creating at think there's times when you have to be super detailed to understand. I think the details helped make it look different than other people's i think you also have to have a point of view from stepping back to see what could this mean an broad scope and because sometimes for example help people. I'll be understand so we i relate to. It is what i'm i. I don't know what's gonna come out. And if i'm if i'm too critical what's going on in the paper it will stop me from seattle. Has to have a chance to me to be ugly

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