Austria To Allow Skiing Starting On Christmas Eve


Breaking ranks with other european nations. Austria will allow skiing mus eve but will limit the capacity of ski lifts and keep restaurants and hotels closed. This isn't ideal for business but it is something and afforest believe it is completely safe. Monaco's alexi corey. love explores. How australia is getting ready for. Its strange new ski season. Australians don't normally disobey orders but try and take away one of their favorite hobbies and see what happens. What are they doing are they. Bringing via the slopes are close but many of those people don't care and they're just just. That's me playing the mountain range with police show donnie general manager of strategic popular ski resort located around one hundred kilometers south of vienna. Because there's so many people like one forty calls per day just with people trying to get into mansion. Saw on the day i'm visiting. The sky is a dazzling blue with fluffy white clouds skidding overhead any other winter. That'd be hundreds thousands more people in the piece from the to trespassers. We've just seen but this year is different now. Austria will open. Its slopes christmas. Although even then it won't be business as usual the conditions on the which we are out to open them are kind of crazy because there's not going to be any hotels open. They're not going to be in a regular operation of restaurants. So i mean you have to imagine that people even if they just come here for day. They're going to spend the whole day on the mountain. They're not going to have the possibility to get indoors to to warm up like a. Maybe we'll find a solution how they are going to be able to to get some food takeaway style but they have to eat that food outside. We not in the city where in mountains area temperatures are going to be quite different whether you face in of for example. So it's kind of crazy because cover garment on the one hand says okay you. You're going to be able to open. But the conditions impose province for us concerning organization is focused just as neat and san viet. We infer young. Upper is sorted and crazy. Not but this man. Chancellor sebastian courts is determined to save christmas. Upton fianc hundred sixteen detail when the answer name fine with some bash chief on the mortgage the meat the asian befo cone in germany. France and italy have all forbidden skiing holidays fearing that would push up infections but australia has refused to toe the line however it will require people coming from abroad to go into quarantine and with hotels closed. This effectively leaves austrians as the only customers. But that's still welcome news for greece for the upcoming holidays. We're going to lose People coming from abroad so that's thirty percent of customers. also one day customers. They're coming from hungary from check. Republicans ocu- so we are going to lose them because it's not going to be easy to get into australian and other australia again so we're going to lose them but we expect to gain some customers from those types of skiers who usually would have gone to scares in the western part of austria which they cannot do knob would too far for for one second further on up. The slope brings explains heltzel to work on old the situation. We're going to face when it comes to take away operation of the restaurants on the mountain because people went out and found out. No that's not our restaurants but it's a it's a. It's one of the big ones in the mountain. Well you get the slopes you get the chair lift like with the bottom station in mountain station you get lots of people And not too much space to let. The people consume their their food the food they bought outside. So that's one of the challenges we're facing with the current government regulations because people are not going to be out to use the the space within fifty meters from the restaurant Which is quite a problem if you if you imagine having three to four hundred people standing around and they should not stand around At the slow because obviously there are skiers coming down so yeah. That's quite complicated. And that's why. I asked most of what the government thought creating those regulations for monaco. I'm alexi thank you alexi.

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