Getting Relative With the Inevitable and Catching Greenlights with Matthew McConaughey

Dose of Leadership


Matthew mcconnahey on dose of leadership. I can't believe it what was show my friend good to be here. It's a great topic to talk about will never go out of style talking about this job. Yeah no can. I say i love the book i read it and i listened to it to different experiences and i'm glad i did both because the visual aspect of the book was i listened to it i because it is easier for me being on a plane and stuff but then i read it and i. It's like i got two different experiences. I got a lot out of it doing both ways. I he said that to you about a few bums. Somebody said to me. When i read it they they read it it with their own voice. Yeah in the hear me read it audio only for short hair my voice and hey heard laughed in places that they didn't laugh when they read it herbie point out certain things that maybe they'd skipped over and toast the reading same book but getting two different things out of it each. Yeah no it was just great. And i think it was. I don't know it was a great book. For the time i think for the year i mean it was profound a lot of ways in the sense and i thought well god this would be a good topic because there's so many areas of leadership and i don't know if you've ever looked at it that way but at least it's a big umbrella a lot of stuff you talk about in here and this show is about like how to kind of navigate through life and that's what the book is rate and i love the concept of the green lights but to me the i talk a lot about on the show and i used to come from the marine corps. The biggest thing i learned is like how to be a composed forcing a chaotic situation. And that's what your book was to me was like you seem to embrace this idea. That look man. It's never smooth. It's never a straight line it's jagged it's up and down and those red lights and the yellow lights that we come across. There's a that's the stuff that kind of shapes us and there's green light assets. I think is the term that you used that are inside of those things that resonates with me because i think life is about. You can lead a significant life if you can learn how to be composed force in a chaotic situation. And that's what i got out of your book. How does that resonate with you. I say i love that term to please remind me that i got to write it down now but i really like composed force in chaotic situation. Yeah i mean you know. I don't care what your i don't think it matters what someone's beliefs are whether they're a believer in another life after this or if they're sort of hey life's all about cruelty. We're just dying every day. That's all that's all fine or if you're an eternal optimist you know every day great. We've got another son rose for me. That wasn't guaranteed ever way. Jeter ever end of the spectrum anyone's from either way the more proactive the more constructive. The more the more healthy more fun choice is to go well by believe in that you know we're just dying off every day in the world's cruel and it sucks to be here that's fine shake hands that so now we might as well do it with pleasure in it with dignity. Is that bring that that that that line later in the book right. Say in those times where we feel like. It's all for nothing more. The math of the world adds up to say. Oh tall for nothing. What it's in those moments that are part and parcel with only. It's all for everything right. The alternative you know. And i'm wishing hallmark card delusion i'm trying to. I'm not a fan of that stuff. I'm not a pep rally. Cheerleader guy. i'm trying to find practical stuff. I've tried to find it my own life and of it is to pull another line for the book. If you do have an island point of view okay well then purchased this once. you know. it's a near dawn right. So if you're going to say oh. It sucks within go. Well okay gonna make the best of it however so i think that's what you what you're loading to in certain times where my red and yellow lights in the l. All having when. I bring up something as simple as sense of humor being default emotion on not within the contradictions that that i'm not i'm not i'm using bring that up. Say that doesn't deny the crisis now. It's just another tool to help you deal with it. It's more survival. And some of these things maybe thrive but at least can use to help better survive. And how little more satisfaction getting through this rodeo. We're all in right. you know. it's not. It's not even fair to say it's a a a typical book that i mean it does. It does have things that you can apply to your life. But it's not a how to book is a memoir sweat slash. These are the things that worked for me. Take it if you like it. If not i don't i don't you know this is what this is. What my life is did. You is that i guess. What was the intent when you set out to right. It wasn't to help people like myself or help other people or was it just to kinda get your authentic self out. There was a deleted legacy for your kids. it was all the above. What was it. I mean i mean somewhat all the above started off i thought it was gonna be before i opened up that big trust of journals to see what i had in them ones. I've been keeping for the last thirty six years i i. I had an idea of what i thought i was gonna find. You and i thought it would be very academic. I thought it was going to be very self help. I thought it was going to be sort of. If then if then and i like some of that but again back can start to lean into that hallmark or world and self has got. You know we've all i've got. I've got a decent relationship with with with self help. But i like i like my sort of wisdom to have little more context and allow me the individual to have the power to go rhino acting. Apply this in a different way and my position and this is i can apply in a particular way that no one else can. We each can do that.

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