Manny Anekal Breaks Down Why No One is Watching Venn


We are going to be talking about vent and for people unfamiliar Fen is a new network started in part by Ariel horn. He's an experienced producer who is a leader in some of Riot games broadcasts including one that one of a sports Emmy for the 2017 League of Legends world's finals before that. He was a producer on Olympics broadcast for major networks like NBC, I believe where he also won some sports happens. So to say he's got who knows what he's doing. He left Riot to start vet and experimental new broadcast channel filled with original programming and it hasn't worked Manny recently published a newsletter titled why no one is watching a vet. And we're going to look at some of the reasons for the channels lack of success. And before we get into that conversation, I think it's important to say that we are traveling in this failure by any means so my friends and really good p.m. The industry are hosting shows over there, but the fact of the matter is your ship is not just bad. It's abysmal recording this on Tuesday December 15th, and you'll be hearing it on Friday riding. Guess not much has changed right now invents YouTube with fifteen thousand subscribers the video posted six hours ago has 42 views for two. That's it videos for the day before have eighty-eight and eighty-nine Views took me one events last 30 published videos from the last week and a half cracked 1,000 views in total. I pulled up twitch and they're alive with a rebroadcast. So it's not new life content. But only eighteen people are watching currently to be honest. My brother's friends get more being bad at Call of Duty. So so I guess that's the best place to start Manny. Can you summarize? Why does you think no one is watching found that you laid out in that newsletter. Yeah. I mean, you know, I mean think there's you know many reasons for that. You know, I think I'd also like to start off with you know, how you did in terms of, you know, we're not obviously, you know, reveling in failure and wishing. You know bad things other people in the industry. We all want to see you know gaming and he Sports content, you know, not only survive but actually Thrive, you know, so it is unfortunate when something comes along, you know, great promise and and doesn't deliver and you know, as I had laid out in the article in in newsletter is I think there's a couple of different areas that you can look at into why the production of been hasn't really succeeded you mentioned, you know, some of when you look at you know, they're Wednesday live show which broadcasts on Twitch and different Ott platform. Well, you know, the viewership is absolutely low, you know, I've checked multiple times since I've even posted that article and sometimes I don't see more than you know, a hundred people watching. So how is that really possible in today's day and age and also during a time of covid-19 Americans really consuming more content than there ever done before so I think you can break it down into a few different ways off. First and foremost is competition, you know again going back, you know me a decade ago, you obviously had things like G for TV and things that were kind of new relatives space but you know fast forward to 20 obviously with the explosion of gaming e Sports content starting about five years ago. Everyone in the mother is played the space. So you have you know, dedicated media channels specific to gaming any sports like a jinx TV and watch TV some of those are based in Europe as well and carried on satellite channels. So you have dedicated channels there. Then you have your traditional Sports media coverage. For example, like ESPN or the score bar stools obviously had a great year as well. You know, they have Barstool gaming Hooligans and you know, they're obviously playing the space then you obviously have your dedicated, you know, e Sports coverage like daily XR know and then all the TV networks as we talked about earlier this year such as you know Turner's had a lead for a while ESPN's had many many events on there as well as Disney and then what we saw with Fox Sports with NASCAR earlier this month You know, they had a really great job. So that's just from like a media perspective and then you then you're not talking talking about for example watching League of Legends world. You content operators like ESL all the numerous events that they put out and then finally furthermore even teams like hundred thieves or phase plan which do their own tournaments obvious released tons of content. So starting off that you're entering into a completely crowded market. So I think that was going to be very challenging to start off.

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