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The exercise is to dig a little deeper and say, Well, all right, the only lost six games. Anybody could say that that's good. Who did They lose two over the circumstances. Well, let me see. They lost by a couple of points to the Clippers. All right, They play them back to bachelor. Last time they lost. So the last couple of games they beat Charlotte beat the Lakers last night before that. They lost to l, a. The Clippers and two nights before that they beat the Clippers by 20. Right. So you know, the Clippers would come back with a vengeance, You know, tight gain. Jazz lost that no crime, one of the better team, one of the best teams in the NBA. He lost by four at their crib. After you played in the same place couple of nights ago. Okay. They lost the Denver In late January by 11. Denver's me Joe Right now it's indeed and joker for the M V P in my opinion. No shame there. They lost too. The Knicks, which I loved it, but That was a bit of a surprise that was early in the season. They lost to the Nets. Okay. Early in the season Get remember the Utah Jazz After that Knick game, you were foreign four. You're not 26. Six. I mean, there's a hot streak, and then there is a story line that's developing and the story line is the Utah Jazz. The best team in the MBA. And right now, the on Lee team, in my opinion, that can really lake claim to challenging that that you know that that That anointment if you will is the Nets, which is why I want to see him play for a championship. Now you tell me the Lakers swing a deal for Bradley Beal or anything. Sure that would change that right now. Jazz is the best team in the NBA. And I have no hesitation, saying that All right. I have no hesitation, saying this either Celtics have cooked. There was some audio that emerged from Ali Jason Tatum was at the press conference did not last night the other night, and there was some background noise from the Celtics locker room, reportedly That will play for you that paints a very concerning picture for self expanse. Get to that coming up next week. In theory, CBS Sports Radio This is Tiki and Tierney on CBS Sports Radio. Finding great candidates, the higher

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