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$540 fine. He also told the judge, I think I can pay that immediately. Your Honor, I'm Lisa G w Ord is, but you can all right, 10 minutes after five o'clock look good, like traffic check on this Thursday morning, which, by the way, if you're traveling on Long Island, things are in really nice shape. No problem. Saw me like the northern State or the Southern state. Medical Qantas Signatures debate All good now on the New Jersey Turnpike Westerns for North bound as you head to the Vince Lombardi Service area that's gonna be closed with construction on the Turnpike. Western Spur North on used the Eastern spur of your heading north out of this point, Arizona Bridge lower level Staten Island bound completely closed. That is construction in place, so you have to go with the upper level on the upper level. The right lane is closed. Brooklyn bound for some construction as well but really not causing much of a delay with the light volume at this hour. And Yonkers troubling on the sawmill South, But it's completely closed Yonkers Avenue into Ramsey Road that his exit for a This is all because of the crash investigation. Our next traffic updates coming up in 10 Minutes on 7 10 W. O R. It's 5 11 and we'll check out weather forecast in just a moment. But first, let's bring in NBC radio national correspondent Mike Bauer Busy day on Capitol Hill. Today, We got

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