South Carolina House passes ban on abortions once fetal cardiac activity is detected


Lawmakers. The governor of South Carolina has signed into law a bill banning most abortions in that state. NPR's Sarah McCammon reports. It's similar earlier, abortion bans passed in several other states, which have been blocked in federal courts. South Carolina lawmakers have passed what supporters call a fetal heartbeat bill. It bans most abortions as soon as cardiac activity can be detected in a fetus or embryo. That's usually several weeks into a pregnancy often before a woman No, she's pregnant. Several other states, mostly in the Midwest and South have passed similar laws in recent years, including Georgia, Alabama and Ohio. Those laws have been blocked following legal challenges from reproductive rights groups. But abortion rights opponents have said they hope one of those laws will prompt the U. S. Supreme Court to reconsider the Roe v. Wade decision. Which legalized

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