Episode 5 - Digital Recruitment w/ FLAC


And if you're listening to this that means that you want to learn how to enhance your leadership skills and in these weird times where we're having to do things slightly different. Innovate we are here to share with you that it is possible. We are here to share with you. Some of the tips and tricks from fellow student leaders and leaders around campus. About how you can make the impact that you want to see happen. And so today. I've got a very special guest named madeline. And madeleine is the flack director. And she's gonna talk all about the digital. Recruitment process that she held lead for twenty different student organizations. That lead to more than fifty six hundred applications. So you're definitely going to want to hear this and so with that madeleine. Have i turned it right over to you. Aren't you tell us a little bit about yourself what you're studying and all those kind of things. Yeah for sure. Thanks really happy to be here. It's a lot of fun. I can't wait to talk to more about some things that we went through and everything First of all a little bit about myself. So i'm a junior kinesiology major with a concentration in motor behavior. lots of technical terms but It just basically means that. I'm going into something sport related. That's the gist of it. So I was born and raised here in bryan texas. Not from data for brian. So you know ripping. Brian a little bit But there was never really doubt i was going to be joined. Am it's the only apply to And basically prayed that. I got it so it was really fun going to that process and everything but very happy to be here and just to kinda rep. What i was raised through Some things about me hobby-wise. I'm really into art. I love art. I do it all the time. Pretty much any medium. You can think of Other than that during you know these different times this quarantine time spent a lot of time at home with my family here in bryan and With my younger siblings are also home during virtual school and taking care of my plant babies. Because i'm a big plant person. That's been a lot of my time right now. It's been really interesting. That makes sense that makes sense. And i'm glad that you have embraced these hobbies and things that you love. I think it's really important that we always remind ourselves that. Yes you're here for school. You're here to make an impact through student organizations but the end of the day you also need to take care of you and so finding those things that give you. Love passion fill. Your bucket is amazing. And i'm glad that you've been able to do it in all of this. I think that's something we can all learn before we even get into the topic today. And so i mentioned this thing called flack valid. What the heck is flak. So flack and actually stands for freshman leadership advisory council and My favorite way explaining it is that we're an umbrella organization over a group of twenty other orbs called flows are freshman leadership organizations Our big thing is we do the behind the scenes work of keeping those flows Floating in the background so We basically will help. With any sort of university relations We help with upholding any rules or regulations that we have to and With running recruitment. Which is the big thing with these organizations. Is that beginning of the fall semester. Getting everything set up in freshman into their flows to enjoy the rest of their freshman year. And you mentioned the word flow a couple of times but for those who are not as familiar with texas am with this freshman base thing. What is a flow and what typically happens with a flow. Yeah so flows freshman leadership organization. What it stands for Flows are basically a freshman family in the organization that they kinda connect to a lot their freshman year They help with things through like service aspects social aspects and professional aspects. Which is a lot of what we're trying to get them prepared for the rest of their time at am it allows them to create these friends that they'll have the rest of their years and hopefully past college and everything And really it's just it's supposed to be a big families making them comfortable during their transition into a very different time from high school to college. It's a very important that they have this sort of home within texas a. m. which might not be so homey to them at the beginning and the getting them comfortable really. That's amazing anderson. So i think a good way to frame it for those outside just to summarize essentially its year long orientation for about ten percent of the freshman class but peer to peer of people who care about developing them right and through making sure they're doing well in classes making sure there involved in checking in on them and giving them that support network which is just amazing. And i think it's amazing that it exists. But flack is different. Right flack overseas the flows. It's not a flow itself. So how did you get involved with. Flack what led to that. Yeah so myself is actually in a flow.

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