A highlight from The Productive Podcaster | EP18: Double Talk


Welcome to another episode of the productive. Podcast or my name is dr barrett. Matt dissolve are welcome you to podcast while if it's your first time if fisher. Second time with her. I still want a goal. What podcast is about and who is four. The productive podcasts. Is those people out there who are podcasters. Who want to be podcasts. But may have questions on concerned about whether you should do it this way. What did she do it that way how to be done so what i do is i bring to you. Different pot asked with different people in the industry to talk about their podcasts. To show you the there is really no cookie cutter way to do things you can do it your way and it still your show and you can still be productive doing so. I am In profits in salt. And so i wanted to make sure i bought productivity into podcasting world. So that is what the product redux podcast about a little tongue guy today but i want to get that going to let you know what to do. So here's what i want you to do before we get started. I wanted to make sure that you have subscribed to podcasts. And make sure you share this with everyone you know so they can listen or watch the productive podcasts. Everyday see bit. That's watch it on youtube. You can listen on google. You can listen to spotify spitzer i- i heart radio. You can listen on tune in however you wanna listen to a. We're here if you wanna watch it your lock this as well so right. Now i'm gonna go to our first segment of the podcast. Which is what. I call pros and cons pros and cons now. What is pros and cons. Pros and cons is a part of the show. Where i want to tell you a little something about podcast and can help you be more productive. Pike aspects one is. This isn't the you're about to be your podcast and you're not feeling comfortable because you're thinking about address sound good i am i. Am i going these things coming to come into your head in the problem that you don't sound naturals because you're trying to sound like someone you're not what i want to do is relaxed relapse. Don't worry about the sound is much is worrying about being a lot of times people start a podcast in. They're trying to sound like someone else. They're trying to be someone or not an comes across people here. That doesn't even sound natural. Because they want to know the person listening to the person subscribing to is going to be the same person every day whenever they listened to the podcast. They wanna make sure that the same person so my tip to you guys in being a professional pipe casper is being you. Your audience will find you. Your audience like you. Don't be someone else. So that is today's pros and cons. Now we gotta take a quick break here when we come back. We're going to have twice as much fun as we normally have. And i'll tell you what i mean when we come back from the break so stay tuned. We'll be right back with

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