What have we learned from the Pfizer vaccine rollout?



So i know in that. Within the last few weeks and month there's been millions and millions of devices of coronavirus vaccines going into people's arms. All around the world and one of the front runners as we talked about in detail yesterday. Is the fires a shot. So when we've been looking at things in a clinical trial setting get an idea of safety and efficacy and all of those other scienc- words now that we've seen this thing rolling out in millions and millions of people globally. What extra detail do we now have about. Especially the sizes shot just to really tease that out. A little bit from what you said is the trials have been done on an average of maybe forty thousand people which means twenty thousand people get the vaccine twenty thousand people gates the placebo. All that tells you is does it work and is it safe. In twenty thousand people compared to placebo. So what happened. In in the phase three trials of pfizer moderna and astra is that they showed effectiveness to a varying extent and they showed that there were no serious side effects and therefore good to go to approve and release over. There are more daughter to balut tat. Which is what's happening here in australia. So that's to but rare side effects are only going to emerge after the trial just rare side effects but side effects where in the real world. You're not as selective as you are on the trial so a good example of that with pfizer. Thanks seniors the in their trial. They did not recruit people who had a history of nfl shock of severe. And what happens when it was released. One of the components almost certainly was causing antic shock and people who are susceptible and therefore. Now there'd be very careful about fis are and allergy and people with nf alexis. Let's assume for example that the norwegian norwegian cases of these frail terminally ill. Let's assume that that is linked to the vaccine. Oh vet still a question as we record this corona cast then what might happen as a result of that is even. If it's just precautionary you might say. Look people who are over. Eighty five frail and if you think that they might die in the next few months. Don't give them this vaccine just to be so you kind of refined the indications in other words the group of people for whom this gets the you get the vaccine and it's really only possible when you re rolling out to millions and millions of people and might be a one in a million side effect which is really really serious which you can't avoid by refining. Who gets it award in which case the vaccine might have to be ceased and move on to another vaccine and those are the things that you learn as you move on now. The good news as we said last week on krona cast. Was that when you look at. Israel still not being published but if you look at israel where they got really great electronic records that are integrated and they compare the people that they've immunized with the people yet to be immunized it looks as though there's reduced transmission which is really the the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow for these vaccines. So you're in good things and you things that are maybe problems and It's unprecedented that within a year of this infection hitting we've not only develop vaccines and trialed them that they're now have been given to maybe twenty million people a lot of which has recorded in good electronic databases so that you can get onto this post marketing surveillance. I mean some drugs for example. Take years to find these side effects. And sometimes they're missed for years because doctors are really lousy at reporting side effects. And then you find the find the might this way. They're going to be find out much sooner more effectively and be able to find out whether it is coincidence or really attached to the vaccine

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