A highlight from 95 | Psychological Thriller | The Push by Ashley Audrain


Weirdo bookworm worms unite. We want to share our love of genre fiction with you. Some readers out there may look down on you for your love of horror sci fi fantasy but not us stop by as we discuss what we've been reading. Hey happy new year halfway through january. No hello everyone. Sorry about the really Unintentional like week off schedule thing. That was completely not planned. One hundred percent absolutely. We had some Someone foreseen but pretty much unforeseen destruction of our entire studio and life that Made it pretty impossible to record an episode last week. Due to some some was standing flood damage for lack of a better way to put it. We had to repair our walls and our floor and it was very noisy and we were basically crammed into one room with like all of her belongings at a wish is not an ideal place for recording a podcast. So we're back first episode of the year. But we're back and you're gonna get to episodes in a row one this week one next week so i guess i should start out by saying it's the new year we're doing all the new year fun things pot really. I did watch one. Cool thing i wanted to share with everybody about was i watched the night. Stocker docu series on net flakes for five episodes. Long fantastic. I really like. I cannot recommend it enough if you are a fan of true crime Yeah i mean it's like if you're familiar with the case you'll learn some stuff and it's also just really compelling it's very moving and It's from the perspective of the detectives that worked the case the night stalker retired ramirez horrendous. Things he did to people and the don't sugar coat it but at the same time nothing about it feels like exploitive and the detectives have a lot of charisma and they have a lot of like Respect for the people he killed and victimized. It's really good. It's really really good. I have not been ingesting. Anything really john related outside of what we've outside of preparing for the show. I definitely have been watching. A lot of slime tutorials on youtube not broadway bootlegs slime tutorial right. That's a code name but that that's pretty much been my my twenty twenty one experience and a whole lot of watching the news. Only we watch a lot of the news these days. You know what you did see. You saw the fly. The nineteen eighty-six the fly for the first time i did. I enjoyed it. i mean. of course. I've watched a lot of things that you've watched for your other shows. Yes yeah but that was kinda fun. Because that's like a mad science thing and lake relevant to your interests and you know i remember. I liked it first. Timer so for our kickoff episode for twenty twenty one we are reviewing ashley. Audrain the polish. And what a push. This book has been okay. Would you talk about the synopsis. For the book i do i. I just wanted to give a little peek behind the curtain on this book. You know we get. We get publishers. Who talked to us about books that we might be interested in reviewing and there's a lot of stuff that we nobody takes us or anything. I think we must have received about approximately three thousand emails about this book from a whole lot of different people There's there's been a lot of push a behind this book.

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