Aid agencies fear impact in Yemen after US terror decision

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With just nine days left for the trump administration today a big shift in us foreign policy in the middle east which could have long lasting effects secretary of state. Mike pompeo says the us will designate. Yemen's who the rebel movement a foreign terrorist organization this could seriously complicate future efforts to deal with yemen's humanitarian crisis and bringing the war to an end with us as yemen spokesperson for the norwegian refugee council mccormick. She joins us from auden. We need to quick reminder rena who are and what they represent to the state department specifically under mike pompeo sarala are otherwise known as to who 'this and they're the movement that took over the cups to of yemen's on a abide five years ago which sparked at the us to get involved in saudi led coalition in support of the government at attempt to remove them they significance for the united states has been an their accusations that the unser allow movement are backed by iran which of course for the us has broader regional at considerations and so it seems clear that this latest move is part of that regional strategy to try to minimize iranian influence in the region. This is quite fresh news. What is the reaction from yemen to do. Most people think this plan designation of who these as foreign terrorist organization was politically motivated. Well the news came in for us yemen time just this morning and so people are really trying to get to grips with us. At the moment. It's been mixed reactions here in yemen. Answer the otherwise known who have come out and in turn accused. The united states government of acting in a terrorist way other reactions from aid organizations have been the same message that has been given to the united states government for the last few months when such a move was being suggested which is that on many levels. This would be catastrophic and it would certainly have a widespread impact on the humanitarian situation. Here on the ordinary of yemenis who are trying to live their lives your organization the norwegian refugee council. What are you looking at are concerned about. What the implications of this they're going to for our ability to run an office hire staff and get goods into the country get critical supplies like food and water and supplies to help fight kovic around the country to the communities who need it's the most get materials for building emergency shelters an widely the kind of impacts that. We're looking at art. That really the feeling is that this will be devastating for the yemeni economy which is already in ruins after more than five years sustained violent or is it your expectation that the incoming biden administration will reverse this plan decision to label the husky rebel movement a foreign terrorist organization. It may not be possible to reverse this decision on if not then it is possible to put in place. The kind of protections in safeguards that are needed so these would be safeguards immediately and for all humanitarian activities near monitoring supplies. It also safeguards so that imports of critical and food and other supplies can come in and out of the country would go a long way towards mitigating or softening some of the impacts of this designation and as for the rest we i suppose we will have to see on the twentieth of january when the new administration comes in we are asking for the biden administration to make yemen one of its number one priorities on day. One re mccormick the yemen spokesperson for the norwegian refugee council. Speaking with us from auden. Thank you very much here. Very welcome

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