Echo Device Low Power Mode

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Today i want to tell you about a feature that you may or may not know about and this goes on in the background with your echo devices and this is called the echo device. Low power mode. So where's do well. It reduces the amount of energy that your echo device is using and this like. I say it happens mostly in the background now. This only works some of the newest devices so specifically if you have one of the echo dot echo dot with clock latest generation fourth generation the spherical devices. It works if you have the echo fourth-generation bigger spherical device that works. And if you have the echo show ten it works other devices. Unfortunately a don't don't apply for this feature but basically what happens is this gets activated. The low power mode gets activated automatically When you are not interacting with your device so for example if your device is just idle siblings idly sitting. I li sitting there. And you're not interacting with it and you have one of these devices then it will go into low power mode and then that low power gets turned off as you start to interact with it now. There are a couple of catches. Your device does not go into low power mode if any of these apply to you so number one if there is a spotify account linked to your amazon account if there is an active notification going on and you would know that because it'd be a pulsing yellow light if your device is connected to an external speaker or if your device is directly connected to a smart home device or lexi gadget through zubi wi fi or bluetooth so unfortunate. That is actually quite a few circumstances. Where it doesn't get activated but nevertheless I think this is great. That amazon thinking about this in terms of you know. Can you reduce the power consumption of your devices and the answer is yes long as you meet certain requirements so they go a little bit information about what's going on behind the scenes again. This isn't something that you necessarily turn on or off. It just happens if it can. And anyway i think it's great.

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