A highlight from Drawn To It Podcast - EP 51 - With Tom Ruegger, creator or Animaiacs and Tiny Toons, producer/writer on Batman The Animated Series...and much more!

Drawn To It


Hey everybody my first guest of twenty twenty one. Is tom ruger. He's credited with creating tiny toons. Anna maniacs and a whole bunch of other shows right here on drawn to a podcast. I really like to hear about that that year or couple months when somebody's graduated high school and decided what direction the rest to. The life is gonna take. I'm very fascinated by people's origin. So if you could. Could you share a little bit about what prompted you to get into animation. Yes after high school. i went to college. So i did. Four years of college and during college. I took a film class and i loved it and the end of the class. You had to make a little film. So i made a little animated film because i always drew when i was a kid and i was like drawing and a big into cartoons and so the professor really liked that and he encouraged me it turns out the professor was a fellow named maury rats who who worked in hollywood and actually one of the writers on so dear to my heart a disney movie and song of the south another disney movie. He he was at mason writer so It was a good connection. And so after college i worked at the foam society and i booked film so i really got into movies big time film and but then i went back to new jersey where i grew up and i tried to get into advertising in new york. City is like a forty minute train. Ride from my home to new york and i failed. I failed at that. I did not. I did all sorts of tests. They would test you on what you would do for this campaign or that campaign and whether i failed they didn't get back to me soon enough after about six to eight months that i wasn't making a dime and i was working for my brother doing roofing and i kept falling off the roof. I realize sort fortunate. Roofing wasn't good and the advertising business wasn't Clamoring for me. So i got an a car and i drove to a los angeles and the first day i got out here in la. I called up all the studios and it just so happened. That bill hannon. Joe barbera had sold a whole bunch of shows. This was in june of seventy eight if you can imagine before your and

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