Ohio State shocks Clemson & Bama dominates Notre Dame


And we're taping this about an hour after a pretty stunning performance by ohio state crushing clemson in the semi final game and so we both had two games. There were both blowouts but the second one didn't go the way anybody thought rights to yeah to blow outs. One felt like the game. You expected alabama notre dame. The other one. I never in a million years that i think it would play out that way. And maybe that's my bad. Maybe i should have more faith in the buckeyes though having only seen them six times having only seen them play A couple big games. Nobody could have seen that coming. Nobody could have six touchdowns from dustin fields in snaps dominant performance. I think the thing i most underestimated was just how much fuel they were playing with from the For at the very least from last year's game that they've been holding onto this for twelve months Davos ballot played a role. Who's to say but clearly it was one of those situations where a team just comes out on fire. I hesitate to go down this road With you. But i'm gonna go there. Look you know what justin field pretty fantastic for the first three games of the season against lesser competition. And then he had that three. Pick game against indiana. Who's a good team was probably the best team. They played all season and then they played in the big ten championship game. They played a really good defense at northwestern and he looked like he lost confidence. I i don't know that but he just there was no chris. Alaba ver- and trae sermon ran the ball. Like he'd never run before and looked great. And but the passing game was left a lot to be desired to the point where A lotta people were saying. Hey wilson's now the the number two pick quarterback guy in the draft behind trevor lawrence. Now you fast forward. After this. And i'm talking to different people in football circles. Who our coaches. And they're like i would just discussions going to be really interesting now. What the jaguars may have between trevor lawrence and just field so just like justin feels was phenomenal tonight especially after taking a big shot. In the ribs from james galaxy that ended up being targeting and scou- scott ejected from another playoff game. Just like he did last year against shoe. But i mean these were some deep shots that he was throwing down field. I just thought well how they look terrific on really on both sides of the ball. I think they looked better than they had on. Defense a- this year given the competition but the one eighty on justin field from where he was where people felt about him after the northwestern game. I mean am. I understanding that am i stating that. I mean you. See the same thing i'm seeing. A lot of people were panicking about him. After the northwestern game in will i would say with the three interceptions against indiana and then the way he looked against northwestern. But how much do you think is with a higher state for you know. Not only they not played as many games so they haven't had As much time to figure their team out like trae sermon wasn't even factor until the last game and now he's he's had two huge games back to back. But then got chris alavi back. He missed the title game I mean they've had dating back and keep track of which week it was when they had their covert outbreak but and they had to cancel a game. But i mean they've had guys obviously going in and out of The twenty one day quarantine. That is now what seventeen days Like the day was out at one point like they may just be a case of. They finally got their whole team together at once. And they actually didn't those there were without three starters You know harry. Miller is one of their better offense of lineman. There were without a couple of defensive. Lineman they were allowed master teague forgotten man. Because that's not fair to him. But the way trae sermon trish. All of a sudden turned into the same same version that we saw ezekiel. Oh here by. The ezekiel elliott. Who was not even like in all conference honorable mention or second team all conference to the big ten year. They win the title because he just went wild in the three postseason games. And and now we're seeing trae sermon. Do that transform. It looks like they got. Adrian peterson to transfer from oklahoma compared to like elevated his game to ridiculous proportions. The i will say this. I feel like of the two of us. And i'm not trying to pop on the back here I feel like of the two of us. I was a little more of a believer in having a little more believer in justin feels. Maybe than you were at least as a passer. And i think some of that honestly stems from hearing all the elite eleven guys. And seeing him there where they raved about him in ways to a degree that they said. He's probably the most talented player they've had come through their Or quarterback and he looked like that god and i mean. This was the had some great performances. Obviously the numbers. You put up last year and at times this year. But i mean on that stage. The one thing that jumped out at me and you are both at the national title game in that stadium. A year ago was when it was head to head because trevor lawrence look fantastic when he shredded alabama as a true freshman. And that's when the hype. I would say that's when all of a sudden everybody fell in love with trevor lawrence and he is gonna be the first pick in the draft and a couple of years from now and he's done nothing to undermine that he's been terrific off the field. He's been terrific on the field. But joe burrow really was like outshine them last year in that head to head and certainly You know with justin feels it today just kind of was it was an amazing

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