Celebrated Black doctor resigns in protest, alleging racism at Seattle Children's hospital


The longtime director of Seattle Children's Odessa Brown Clinic, has suddenly resigned. Co most Patrick Quinn reports in the story First reported by Crosscut, Dr Danielson said quote the institution is replete with racism and a disregard for people who don't look like them and leadership. 2017 comes. Molly Shen feature Danielson fighting for expansion to reach more Families of color. Dr. Danielson resignation reportedly comes after two other colleagues. Both people of color also resigned or felt forced out. In a statement to spokesperson for Seattle Children's Hospital, said their board is looking into Daniel since claims and developing a syriza of actions, adding quote as an organization. We are committed to racial equity, diversity and inclusion will also holding ourselves accountable. We plan to show that commitment to our actions and thorough consideration of any claims of racism or bias. Patrick

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