A highlight from Episode 58 - McRib, Christmas Movie Bracket, Kings Talk and Ocean Rodeo?


This week on the spivey special podcast. We talk about the mcrib. The christmas movie bracket kings talk and ocean rodeos Welcome to episode fifty. Eight of the spivey special podcasts. Coming at you in two thousand twenty. One years i think about look on the calendar i hate that we finally made it through twenty twenty two twenty twenty one. I don't know much better. it's going to be. They always say hindsight is twenty twenty so this whole year we can say that that's always a plus on that. I'm going to use that a lot. I feel like you're gonna be doing that a lot or wouldn't i dad joke. Get those bad jokes. Now that you're dead. I already got the dead bodies so jokes. Don't on that stuff. Hey we had christmas. We took a couple of weeks off we did. We just really had to work on our figures and we'd there's just too many cookies to eat. There's too many prime ribs to eat and we just couldn't focus on doing the show so took some time to really find ourselves. We need to get our energy. We just couldn't do anymore. Twenty twenty shows so wait it out or in two thousand twenty one now ready to rock and we started from the bottom and we're still there like they always say. We ended twenty twenty with a fun though party that we had we did. It wasn't a lot of people but we eat more. Hors d'oeuvres i think i've had in a really long time. And i did not feel good about it. I've felt awful the next day after your party. I ate so many there was like an entire block of cream cheese that we eight. And then we each anna veggie tray pizza then we all have personal pizzas fifty two more. Hors d'oeuvres when he came the worse we drank and drank. Yeah that's all binds now. Yeah so now you know working on that resolution. I started eating better so today. I added mcrib. Why won't you had to start the year off right.

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