SEC charges Robinhood with misleading customers about how it makes money


SEC is charging Robin Hood with misleading customers on how it makes money there already under Ah lot of scrutiny in trouble Now the SEC is filing charges against the Robin Hood CEO. You might remember some months ago. I said, Look, it's time to move out of Robin Hood. I don't know how many you did, but how many of you did, but it's going to get a little bit more different cult. They have definitely been misleading customers going to be a charged with selling Um, prosperity and riches. So to speak. And when it is the market, and it ain't that way, so It'll be interesting to see what happens with that. But that just came out this morning that Ah, yesterday there was a lot of talk coming out of the SEC and reference to Robin Hood on what they had been doing. Then this morning, we see official charges being fired are being fired at Robin Hood. This is going to dramatically impact. Their ability to operate efficiently and effectively on their platform. Listen, folks, listen before you all start panicking because I knows a lot of people that have Robin Hood. Don't panic. Okay? You got you don't own Robin Hood. You don't have stock and Robin Hood. You're not investing in Robin Hood. You are simply using their platform to make your investments has got nothing to do with what you own. Everything you own is safe and secure. No, don't worry about it. Having said that, I would suggest anyway that if you've been with Robin Hood and if you are with Robin Hood because they were free for trades. Everybody is free now, so you have no reason to stay there. Is that gonna cost you anything to move your investments out into another account? So it is time for you to go to a swab or TD Ameritrade or a fidelity brokerage account or Vanguard brokerage account? It's time to move and also one of those other platforms. We've already moved out of each raid. I've asked everybody to get out of e trade. Most of you have done that, maybe having so we're running out of places to go. Unfortunately,

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