2020: Reckoning with Race in America (feat. Dr. Michael Eric Dyson)


The steady strapping to help people of god and everything you hey everybody. Welcome to another episode of on one with angela. Rye today yellow retreat. I'm joined by professor author my dad that i've adopted in mentor. Dr michael eric dyson. Twenty twenty was a year of racial reckoning during this podcast. We discuss this racial reckoning that has happened across the country or also talking about his new book longtime coming reckoning with race in america. We talked through the pain. We suffered this year and how we turn our pain into power. It's one of my favorite conversations. So many gyms as get into. I would love to give you offs a formal introduction but that would not be fun so i decided that i would tell you a few things that you may not know about my mentor. Dad the first thing that you all might know from watching him in on doing his commentary on air is that this is the only person on the planet who you might have to at least pull an online resource to know the last sentence that he completed in conversation with you. The other thing that i would say is in addition to dropping bars in a sermon. He also does it in his books. In online commentary in text messages in everywhere else and i would argue. Even though he's written a jay z. Maybe get down. Jay z and a little freestyle battle. I was commenting on that. Now after the nate robinson fight the other day. I don't know if anybody wants to von amateurs but duck is not an amateur. I would also tell you all. He is the author of more than twenty books in addition to being on an author of bestselling author at that he is shaping young minds now at vanderbilt university. And i want you to understand this title. He is the centennial chair. In university distinguished professor of african american studies in the college of arts and science university distinguished professor of ethics society in the divinity school and he of course will begin that in january so in addition to that mouthful. We know that every single day. Doc is shaping young minds and old and he has not first second in this book. Longtime coming reckoning with race in america is so. I can't wait to dive into this with you tonight. Doc thank you so much for asking me to do this. Thank you so much. I am so honored that this brilliant extraordinarily intelligent and soulful woman who i who i love. And who is my daughter. And my messy annexed sample of what are people hope for when they fought so hard to open doors of opportunity so that our brilliant children could walk through them and as one of the most famous one of the most gifted and one of the most seriously committed young people that we have in this nation. I'm just honored to be in her presence. Honored to have any small thing to do with her. And i'm honored. She's here with us here tonight. Thank you so much. I want to just jump right into what you see when you open freight book Is very clear that you are so intention on it. So creative writing letters to those who were slain. Some of them in the recent past in some of them a little further back for example elijah mcclain.

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