Fonts Can Send Political Messages

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Here's something weird. Certain thoughts can send political messages. And with that. I am announcing my campaign for presidency using economic sense. Ms Well actually when you listen to this research you're gonNA realize why you don't WanNA use Comic Sans. Because nobody likes. It and liking fonts is one big part of this. I like Comic Sans No you. Don't nobody likes Comic Sans Vinyl run using papyrus even worse. My running mate will be Matthew mcconaughey all right well. A little while ago. A researcher at Virginia Tech named Kathryn Hanshin Notice that a local political candidate use different fonts on their signs in rural areas than they did in town as a political messaging expert. She wondered. Why was there. Something different about the fonts that worked best with people in the city versus people in the country so Hanshin turn that question into a research project. She and her team surveyed more than two thousand people to find out what they thought of various typefaces. And whether they thought fonts lined up with political ideologies sure enough they found that fonts can send political messages people see Fonseca's having liberal or conservative leanings. And the more people think of aligns with their thinking the more they'll like it. So here's the breakdown. Funds come in two basic varieties Sarath and sans Serif. A Sarah is a little liner stroke at the end of a letter. Think Times New Roman or your classic typewriter font the stuff you see in Newspapers Sans Serif Fonts are the ones without syrups silicon Arial Helvetica or the meriwether sands of the curiosity logo or just look at your keyboard right now. Chances are those letters are in a San Serif style. The study showed that generally speaking Sarah Fonts are considered more conservative and Sans Serif. Fonts are seen as more liberal. Bold type is seen as more conservative than Italic type but there are some differences within font families for example the highly serif black letter typeface. You usually see on the masthead of the New York Times and the Washington Post was seen as more liberal by conservative participants. Possibly because that's how they see these outlets specifically the important thing is that the more people viewed a font aligned with their ideology the more they liked it and vice versa. Basically this research shows that fonts have meaning and they're not just all about looks so as the two thousand twenty election heats up maybe take a closer look at those lawn. Signs and billboards design has a bigger impact than you think.

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