25k Christmas Bitcoin?


I will get you back to the markets right now and we have say a bit of an interesting little progression when it comes to bitcoin. Of course we saw some pretty quick selling off. And i'll tell you what. I did find quite. I guess what is fascinating. This morning is also doing the scandal. Just before the scan sorry was that the market was down from its highs. Twelve hundred forty five dollars and it was like oh. I looked to where it was from the hamanaka jason. We've come with a thousand bucks but it didn't really look as a blip at all on the job it's not a big candy. Who really. it's not it wasn't wild. It was now to control So you have really really interesting to see how the market has changed much in such a short period of time. Of course what we've now got is last. Wakes cattle is a very big one. It's up twenty two point four seven percent. Now that's that's the biggest bullish candle that we have had Jays for a very long time. I'm enclosing up that far that i think that is the The largest single weekly candle grain a since backing limbs that Since back in one of the twenty twenty two point. Five three yeah. I really think that was the biggest candles since back. I'm trying to find them The twelfth of february two thousand eighteen the biggest closing margin there that was twenty eight point nine percent but this shot is looking something special. Now i'm truly through all time highs. We are well and truly through twenty thousand and we could well and truly go a lot higher and tight. That wrong downside. The that may saying she buy bitcoin. What i take it would. Would you take it as is that. I believe we will move higher in time. I also believe that. We'll get some vicious pullbacks This is up. This is a very very volatile market. So be prepared. It's those pullback settle for opportunity for us it is. of course the trendies up the trendy. Strong and i'm loving it. Twenty three thousand seven hundred and sixty dollars. I want to say that again. Twenty three thousand seven hundred and sixty dollars for bitcoin. Now one point one four percent little candle on the day so fi easy extended could say pullback the next pool could lauren up to be absolutely wonderful trading opportunity and i will be keeping every close eye on that up two hundred and fifty dollars to die that cradles line on that sort of twelve and six day now. I'm just waiting to see what it does. I'd love to see a little bush candidate. But i'd love. I'd love tried on We currently at point seven percent six hundred and forty two dollars and ninety five cents loss. Wake look at did close up. Don't get me wrong but nothing. Bitcoin is percent on a theory. Yeah so it has had run prior. Obviously coming off of syrian data. You could board one dollar a start at one hundred dollars in a little bit lower. Didn't know what was ally they. Id four dollars thirty two. You could buy which just seems. I mean not i mean you very likely attacks within twelve months old Theory that's a deal so just just amazing to say it is still strong your own the weekly just not having that same gusto as bitcoin. Six hundred and forty three dollars. Rotten now ex up as fifty six point four cents up one point seven percent couple of big guys loss weight twenty percent and what currently. It's a bit of a dead dog machado. Unlock it really. That much loss wakes kennel declaw fight. Sent a pretty wild ryan range on exa play from the heart of the lilama. Just take you through what that is from the high to the low thirty three percent while very well die at one point five percents dight. Bitcoin cash right now is up. Six point eight percent and really has said goodbye to that To seven eight literally waiting for traits all of within this trend. There's been a couple of opportunities for which i did not manage to capture. I was busy fraud afternoon. Trying to get myself on a new flight and then saturday flying and yesterday while i was cropping nas moves going on We'll tell you that as far as training opportunities on bitcoin cash right now don't really see it. Last week was a very big wake for bitcoin. Cash up twenty six percent as well so it's starting to get his legs back site move quite well. Three hundred and seventy two dollars. Ninety five is what we are at right now. Like point cracking wake last week. Two hundred and a hundred and fourteen dollars forte down half a percent today. Lost weight closed up nearly forty percent. The biggest mover in the talk ten. I'm writing a pool bucks on whiting pullbacks on on the high timeframe looking at the elliott Looking at the twelve. That sort of thing. It's not there yet. There's nothing that four am want. Give us something later on but having to be patient. One hundred fourteen dollars end now. Twenty five cents ten point four percent af three dollars and twenty three cents still very slow Yesterday was up two point. Seven five percents that i currently up three percent all starting to get a little momentum with the now

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