MN leads Midwest, but falls short on electric vehicles

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The purchasing power of the federal government to buy clean zero emission vehicles that are made in source right here in america. That's president joe biden. He wants to electrify the federal fleet to help reduce transportation greenhouse gas emissions but our consumers and states ready to follow. I'm npr chief meteorologist. Paul hutton are here with climate. Cast the american council for an energy efficient economy tracks eib progress their state policy director. Brian howard is here. Hi brian hey all great to be with you today. So this is some pretty big news on the ev front. I president biden's plan and then gm announces its goal to sell only electric vehicles by twenty thirty five. Are we approaching a tipping point here for these. I think so. We've continued to see a steady growth in the av market Even this year despite all the challenge of the covid so you with those activities that are coming from federal government and from a major auto manufacturers. I think we are reaching invasion point about what transportation electric vacations gonna look like in the united states and correct me if i'm wrong but these are only about two percent of the market right now. Why is this such a huge scale of opportunity for vs to reduce these transportation emissions to start with the transportation sector is responsible for about eight percent of greenhouse gas emissions in the united states which is the largest emitter based on kind of the sectors. That are out there So when we're to convert interro combustion engines and move that over to electric vehicles. There's a significant emissions reduction benefit which obviously helps with climate. But then also there's a number of other residual really important benefits as it relates to public health that you get from electrifying transportation. Well in one of those. I assume is jobs right because it's not just the vehicles you need the right infrastructure charging infrastructure. You need the right policies to move these things along which states are leading on this front of the hundred points that we looked at california scored. Ninety one next in line was new york at sixty three point. Sixty three point five which is obviously a pretty deep differentiation between the numbers. And how does minnesota rank minnesota is twelfth based on our evaluation which is a leader in the midwest but certainly is behind the national leaders in the top ten. What is minnesota doing. Well and where is there a need for faster. Progress with vs. So minnesota's done a number of things well Minnesota has done a really good job of articulating. How utilities could invested infrastructure. The state has also taken some initial steps to ratify california's zero emission vehicles regulations which would set that manufacturers need to sell a certain number of electric vehicles from passenger like vehicles in the state of which is being considered. Now you know there are some things that clearly need improvement They have identified that the absence of statewide incentives for electric vehicles is a challenge in something that they need to address. One thing. We should touch on right when we're charging an electric vehicle. It matters where that power came from right absolutely. And so what. Are you seeing with trends of different states. That have More renewable energy than other places when it comes to being able to charge navy with that we are seeing a an overall positive trend in terms of having states move towards outer percent clean energy for their for their grids. There's also a lot of states that are taking that activity very seriously and providing interim goals about how they're going to get to that low carbon future minnesota as an example is considering how to deal with that now in the legislature But other states have already shown us the way. Brian howard state policy director with the american council for an energy efficient economy. Thanks so much for sharing your perspective. Climate cast today. It's great to be here. Thanks so much for the time.

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