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So tracy here's something that i never thought i would see again so i i started following markets in the late nineties The dot com era and something that i never thought i would see again in my career after that ended was the superstar fund manager. Okay why is that. Well the actually totally true. What i mean is more the superstar stock picker because of course back. In the old days there are a lot of like star stock stock pickers fund managers. You know Peter lynch comes to mind some of the other tech investors back then but these days with et fs with online brokerages that make it really easy for individuals to buy stocks on their own. It really sort of seemed to me like that era had gone bright so i suppose there was this idea that the time of stock picking has come and gone and that if you want to make returns in the market you should just poor all your money into something like an s. and p. five hundred. Etf like a vs tax or something like that and just stick with it and don't bother trying to outperform the market because over a longer period of time. Even the best stock pickers had eventually underperformed. Right i think this mantra of don't try to pick stocks. A if you try to pick stocks. You're probably going to underperform the index and be if you come across a mutual fund or a fund manager. Who's good at picking stocks. Oh it's probably just luck it's not going to last too. You know even if even if there is someone who can beat the market. How are you going to know whether it's actually worth putting your money with them until like this idea that everyone should just index Trying to beat the market is kind of a lose lose proposition. It's really been drilled into people's heads. And i think like you know for years. They're really we just haven't had a sort of another new peter lynch or buffet. There's star quantum maybe some bond fund managers who are known but the idea of like someone who is just really associated with a great track record of picking individual stocks. Hasn't been a thing for a while and yet and yet a star stock picker emerges over the horizon. Yeah executive obviously that really That for the first time in a long time there is currently a fund manager a stock picker who is a mess and incredible track record an incredible following. And of course. We're talking about kathy. Would she is the ceo and chief. Investment officer of arc invest and there is a total fascination with our and this family of actively traded. Etf a phenomenally well in terms of returns but also ex Attracted an extraordinary amount of investor cash in the last couple of years right so the arche t fs. I mean i'm looking at their performance. They have five different semantic portfolios alone. Ch- that have basically doubled over the past year. Which is pretty amazing if you think about it. It's amazing enough for just one stock to double in price like that in just the space of twelve months but to do it across multiple is really remarkable and i think within their actual portfolio. There's a tiny tiny number of stocks that haven't risen recently. And i'm not even sure there are any actually. It's a really amazing. Performance is really sure to actually. I'm looking at the end of twenty twenty for twenty twenty their performance of a r k. Which is the sort of flagship innovation. Etf that arc has was up one hundred fifty two percent for the year Extraordinary returns and if you look at the holdings they're just all of the companies that have absolutely killed it in the real environment. Tesla is the biggest one but other names square. The payments company phenomenal roku huge winner. Zillow spotify tele doc. Which of course had an incredible year. Thanks to the rise of rome medicine and so forth so it is a Just extraordinary number of winners that this There's a fund and the related funds. There's a related fund for finance and Medicine that have That they've brought it. Just the triggers incredible. If anyone follows. Eric balchunas who's sort of bloomberg intelligence is etf analyst. I feel like three quarters of his tweets. These days are just about. How extraordinary this Family of funds and the performance of arc invest has been lately.

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