Chelsea, Southampton secure FA Cup quarter-final berths



Just a couple of matches on this thursday southampton beating wolves score of to nothing and chelsea one winners away to barnsley. Tammy the goal in the sixty third minute. Chaka his lobster robson frank. Leboeuf join us for more frank. Start with you very impressive from chelsea. Would you not very impressive. But the most important thing is to go through When you play against so-called lower team or smaller team boss well default how the way they had to the field. Remind me The the way we used to play the ethica many years ago or to kind of two decades ago it was a wasn't pleasant game to watch but for chelsea the main thing is to go through indeed. Because of graham. One neil off you go home and you think about the quarterfinal. That's the only thing we can say. Jaakko what was worse chelsea through the first hour of the match. The pitch pitchers kind of paul for the costs from from bucknell d. That was decent pitch. But not i understand the issues that pitch like that might read And similarly bentley just made it difficult for chelsea. They will predictable i. I didn't see them scoring other on. I kept mystique trust the job done. That's that's the only important thing interesting. raba what did you think the match There are plenty of chances for barnes. The thought shock watches different game. Well a couple of chances but chelsea made it really difficult for themselves. Everybody was talking about bounds. They've done the homework bounds leader. We're going to press her out the field they we're gonna make it difficult. They were going to put their from. Plays and stop josie planet from the back. So what did chelsea duplat from the back on a bubbly bitch kept on giving it away midfield and they made it difficult for themselves. It was crying out. The big diagnosed replayed from the center hav into the white when the wing backs will play chuck took made the right decision to half times. Change the system so they got more space for their full the play bulls forward but bosley will holding such a high lime pressing so high the field. It had to be the case that josie when in behind them and they didn't do that until it was too late but they just about eight dumb bravo. it's four straight wins now for chelsea undertook. Oh can you see some signs of progress. Not today i couldn't but in in the league games they have been a slight improvement. I think he knows what he wants. From these teams play with a back three for those three games. I think he knows exactly what he wants. Midfield he's wingback high up the field as well the area where we sort changed. It is whether it's play with mainstream ensues slot in behind him or two strikes wanting behind but you can see what he's trying to do. I think the players know exactly what he's trying to do. Each system the players today almost eleven of them so it was always going to be difficult. But i can see system coming into play. I think the players understand that system. And i think chelsea will get

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