1891: Here Are the Top 3 Neuroscience Secrets for Your Success Formula by John Assaraf of MyNeuroGym


And set your strategy with a step-by-step plan of You need to be equally clear about the goals you need to accomplish along the way if you want to thrive in your ideal future as soon as you set a goal and commit to it even if you don't yet know how to achieve it. The first thing that happens is a feel good. Chemical dopamine is released in your brain and activates the motivational circuit the nucleus accumbens. And the insulin gets fired up and suddenly. You're like yeah. I'm going to do that. When your brain's motivational circuit gets lit you start to reinforce and strengthen the neural pathways for goal achievement. If you share it with somebody else do you know what happens. Another chemical there are hundreds of them in the brain called. Oxytocin the bonding love chemical binds. That vision into your brains visual cortex. If you continue to focus on your goal and share it with people you start to solidify your vision which activates another part of your brain. The left prefrontal cortex number. Three in your mind know exactly why you want to achieve your ultimate dream. If

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