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Title of the messages. Why does not allow temptation. In the life of the believer. We're going to turn to to scriptures. We're going to look for in james one luke for in james one so turn their. If you would quit paul before we get started how many of you ever been tempted to sin. Raise your hand up gay. How many of you have given into the temptation. That's in raise your hand up. Okay how many of you have resisted the temptation this in raise your interesting. Not quite as many hands. I don't understand that. Maybe you're the one that really need to be here but listen. Here's what you need to know. Everyone gets tempted. It's not a sin to be tempted. It's only a thin when you give into it but everyone faces at even pastors of course heard a story about a minister that went to make a hospital call and he couldn't find a parking spot and he circled around around and finally he double-parked and he put one of his little cards under the windshield wiper. In case officer came along he said officer. I'm late for an appointment to minister to somebody. And so i circled the block ten times. I couldn't find a space and then the minister road. Forgive us our trespasses so the minister a visit and came back got in saw a parking ticket unders windshield wiper. Little surprised by that but he noticed the officer rhode something extra on the ticket and the officer wrote these words dear reverend. I've circled this walk for ten years. But i don't give you a ticket i'll get fired. And then the officer wrote lead us not into temptation. I guess at opposite. Read his bible too. So that's what i want to talk about. Why does god allow temptation now. This is a part of our series. Whatever growing christian needs to know. We've already seen the importance of studying the bible. If we want to grow spiritually we've seen the importance of a prayer life. If we want to grow spiritually we've seen the importance of being a vital part of a church. If we want to grow spiritually and now we're gonna talk about white temptation comes. It doesn't make sense. Why would god allow us to be tempted. What possible good could come out of it. Well here's what you need to know if you are indeed growing as a christian. If you are progressing in the christian life you're gonna come into the crosshairs of the devil. Why because now you have become a bona fide threat to his kingdom if you find yourself constantly being harassed and tempted that may be an indication. You're on the right track if you can't remember the last time you were tempted. Maybe you're not worth tempting that see. So here's what we need to understand. Everyone will be tempted in. Even jesus was tempted. And that's what we're looking at here. In luke chapter four lord is beginning his public ministry at the age of thirty. He's gone down to the jordan river. He's been baptized by his cousin. John and the holy spirit is you would call came upon christ in the form of a dove and the father actually spoke from heaven and said this is my beloved son in whom i am. Well pleased what epic moment we see the trinity father son and holy spirit. So what happens next. We read that immediately after that jesus was led by the spirit into the wilderness to be tempted by the devil. What after a moment like that. Yes after a moment like that. After the dove came the devil after the blessing came the temptation. Now why was jesus tempted. I let's get technical in a literal sense. God cannot be tempted. he's not tempt. He doesn't have sinful nature back. We're told in scripture. James run three god cannot be tempted with evil. Neither does he himself. Tempt any man. So we'll be talking about the temptation of christ. He was tempted in one sense but in another sense he did not have the vulnerability to give in to the temptation. Having said that i would add. Jesus did feel the pressure and the presence of temptation. Now why would he go through that so he would be able to help us to understand that he has walked in our shoes so we would understand that we serve a god. That knows what it's like to face temptation and he sympathizes with us. In fact hebrews four fifteen. Speaking of christ says this high priest of ours understands our weaknesses for he faced all the same temptations. We do yet. He did not send so. Let us come boldly to the throne of grace of our gracious. God that will receive his mercy and find grace to help us. When we need it. So you can't gutters doesn't know what it's like to live in the twenty first century cottages and what it's like to face temptation actually got doesn't know what it's like and he faced it but here's another reason why believe jesus was tempted. He occupied grand that we can occupy. Let me restate that. Jesus face this so we'll see how we should face it. He gives us a template to follow for the next time. We come under tim so he's giving us an example to follow us. Nobody likes being tempted. It's a horrible thing. They have to go through but but there is some value that can come from it. It's been said one. Chris has been tempted. Is worth more than a thousand who haven't been another person said. Christians are a lot like tea bags. You don't know what they're made up until you put them in hot water. Maybe you're in the hot water if temptation right now and you're thinking why has gone allowing this in my life because it can make you stronger. It can cause you to be more dependent upon god at see his abundant resources that are at your disposal of toughened. You up as a follower of christ and listen to this statement and this is our first text here. James one verse. Twelve blessed is the man who endures temptation for when he has been approved to receive the crown of life whom the lord has promised to those who love him. So right up the important things about tim. Decent number one it can be endured. It can be resisted later never too. There is a reward for the person who endures temptation because the promises will receive the crown of life. And thirdly you'll be a happy person if you resist temptations paul because it says blessed is the man or literally happy as the man who resists or endures temptation. Now here's what we're going to look at and the verse of the forest here and look for. We're going to look at six things about temptation number one. We're going to look at where. Temptation comes from where temptation comes from number two. We're going to look at temptation. Comes when temptation comes number three. How does temptation calm. How does temptation come number four. Who does temptation come to. Who does it come to five. Where is the best place to be when it comes. And lastly number six. What is the primary weapon. We should use to resist it. How's

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