A highlight from Episode 39: Hiding in Spacesuits

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Well we've got a decent number download. The episode usually listeners seem to enjoy and a few new ones. But which is are you any closer to understanding the white put gus listening audience. I'm afraid not joyce they're completely alien. Species have been on twitter. How can we speak their language. Clearly our podcast is getting through to them. We need some sort of translation machine. Or can you just edit them better. Well maybe only remove things from what we originally said. I dare say. I could build a chance later. Pat the public wittment. I was going to build them. But i never got into it. What you chance now. Well you'll need a lot of expensive equipment. This is something who you've got to pounds fifty. They well i might have to cannibalize some of the equipment into sending who bunker like this door lock. Hang on someone's just burst through. The door is gaffe gentleman. Hello how did you find us. Gaffe has being in the bunker before. You're not surprised to see me. No particularly no our guest usually come back. I am surprised to see you. I thought i'd successfully killed your podcast last time. Well despite your efforts people listen to us anyway didn't they must have been my fascinating installations vestry of physics. I've returned to finish the matter myself. I'm sorry gentlemen but this podcast ends. Now it's my moral duty but we've watched the stories that we got in the wine and the chase 'em sticks and there's lots of science to talk about. It'd be rude not to give it a go. Did you say why in science. Oh go on then play the theme. Hello and welcome to something who podcast episode thirty nine. I'm richard and after we looked at the most recent episode of doctor who last time. It's back to the archives for two stories with a connection to nine hundred sixty nine in the space race. I up his third doctor story ambassadors of death and then. We'll have a look at eleventh doctor. Asking the impossible astronaut stroke day of the moon and joining me. Something who bunker as usual law. Paul and giles and as you just heard back once more gas contributor gaffe hello thanks back. Yeah well this is remarkable. And hello joslin paul. Are you want to speak now. Okay look always a pleasure to have you find gentlemen along. So i guess we're gonna kick off with ambassadors of death story. Nominally written by david whittaker but in fact with us when everyone seems to have had a go to including malcolm hoc terrance dicks and trevor ray. I'm sure get into that soon directed by michael ferguson. It's the third story of season seven broadcast in early. Ninety seventy i guess wants to say about this initially was. It's just one of these kind of strange mystery. Stories from the early part of my fan experience ambassadors of there was no talk book in the seventies. obviously you it was well with four home video and this the plot is so incredibly ludicrously complex certain you know synopsis was ever gonna really do it justice so it's a story that i grew up not really knowing anything much about until probably the mid nineties Your experiences of it were guinea. Talkers is that. We're all much the same on that school. Think so until the dvd came out says one of those few. Yeah on the last few unseen daughter. The picture of of those that are available to see does it would have been on. uk golden. It must have seen it then my sort on uk in the ninety s. Yeah i see. I didn't have that. So i read the target book and i have two very vivid memories one of which i forgotten

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