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Have access to news on Facebook again after a heated battle between the platform and the country's government countries around the world are keeping a close eye on her. Facebook handles a new law in Australia, which requires the tech giant to pay for news content. There are countries like Canada, who said explicitly they're watching to see what happens, Protocol editor in chief David Pierce says it comes after Facebook effectively banned news on the platform to protest the law. This is sort of a deliberate move on Facebook's part, Maura's a bargaining tactic than anything Facebook reversed. Decision after some last minute amendments were approved, allowing the company more leeway over who they do business with instead of being forced to do deals with every publisher everywhere here, says the global implications of the standoff for large if this had gone through and it had actually brought Google and Facebook to heal. To some extent, I think you would have seen a lot of other countries. Pick this up pretty fast. So that's why for Facebook, it was important to come out and say, Essentially, we are more powerful than you are with Tech trends. I'm Dave Packer, ABC News Coming up on news. First of five map. McCoy's sports and a look at business dinners. I maybe. See six, first morning meteorologist Indra Buck Michael. Well, we're trading off all the rain for sunshine, but What else do we have on the way I'll take coming up.

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