Dortmund's Descent Continues



Things really on looking so great photo that has been right now. They are slipping down to the table. They're out of the top four. Yon i have to say. Is this turning into something more serious something of a crisis documents. It is absolutely a first of all. It was a great great football game. Six goals to haul on goals very predictable is also predictable. That's dalton at the moment defense. Leaving are terribly sad. To watch is like matsumoto's is a world champion. He can't defend he's going forward. He's doing well he can do is cry trick at the end. But you have to defend and you don't have a goalkeeper bilkees terrible at the moment i'm in the second goalkeeper must think what should i do to get a game heats in this again because that was unbelievable. Three three set-pieces. They conceded just sad to watch them. They fired father. Because i wanted to get closer to buy an i mean. Is there a lucky this week and it could be the eighth position and they say tests which we're going to stay for the season. Well let's see what's going to happen in dolt when there's a crisis on the funniest thing an interesting thing marker also the coach gladbach winning two today great coach. He is the favorite to take over. But i into summer so there have to do something without to moment is at a case of defenders optional defense optional today defending and really in key moments. They go down one. Nothing all right but early how who again was outstanding in that first half in the way that he took his goals the first goal is little dinky over the top finished good movement of the ball the second goal on a resource in terms of knowing where the goal is turns finishes that play and it's two one and his dorm his flying. They feel good about themselves. And now you give up a free gig. Tumbled eighteen yard box and as yang alluded to it. Well larson they'll takes a fricking that should be comparable for burke. Even if he sees the ball late it should become for at least for him to palm the ball away instead. He comes right into a very. Who's right there for a nice little tapping to refine. Okay no problem. Let's see if we can build some momentum going into the second half were never going to build momentum when you allow been so you need to do what he did from the left hand side over eleven he cuts to lane. I'm candy ones. That poor defending julian brian. Kanji now stands on the six year. Box hands in the bag. This okay and he never never concerns himself with actually close in the space down and actually challenge in been to a third goal and from then on england toco for two but overall you just send from brusett norman. Dad did defending is just so disorganized so straight. The games are exciting to watch when doorman place because there is a lot of space. And why is there a lot of space. Because they're this organiz all over the place some people go on and press the ball or the people drop off at times. That team gets gets gets straight and a time when they tried to defend. Never get behind the ball in enough numbers. There is no sense here. When you watch this team play defensively and you could say the same thing for him. Which and god by the way that you have a plan defensively. This is what we're going to do. This is our line of confrontation. We're gonna high present. We have an opportunity to do so. We're going to drop off behind the ball when when we have to do so. They're kind of running all over. And when you just run all over you get exposed and when you get exposed and you have no confidence that windows in have right now you lose

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