Off The Record: Joe Shreds the Powder on the Mountains



It was a jk big bear trip. Remember the last time. I went she. Yeah and before that it was like three to four years remember. We used to go like like every season me embarked like we would drive up an hour to appear the best. I don't. i never had a season pass. But i did the deals like can you share the powder. Now can yes. Are you good merck okay. I think it's relative real estate. Who jumps you just casually. Go down the whole thing i mean i do jumps and rails but i go down five times a mountain while i'm still trying to make my way down. I wouldn't be there. I'd be inside that you drink hot cocoa. That's the hot cocoa. But i'm like is there. They do have beers. You put hot cocoa. Oh hot you don't hot run not really remembered so this year will twenty twenty was a

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