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Hi welcome to season two of bite. This is tony till auto parenting an apocalypse. It's it's not the same way that you you know how it works. Any views usually two to four minutes long but sometimes they can be a little longer. When you when you live long enough. All kinds of strange things happen very right in saying that. The greek heroes the original superheroes in part because of the hopeful nature of genes vision but also because of its message of diversity and inclusion daniel roebuck. Recently voiced grease dietrich's who is a character in the new star. Wars game janai fallen or daniel. I have to choose congratulate you on being part of the star wars universe now. Oh isn't that something. I actually had the game and have played the game. And i knew. Was you your character and it was great talking to you as somebody else i know. He's a he's a bit of a curmudgeon. That's you know that right. There is dream come true opportunity for a boy who was thirteen in one thousand nine hundred seventy seven and as far as i was concerned star. Wars was made only for me. I was annoyed that everyone else was watching my movie. But i actually ended up in what essentially called the skywalker saga like i'm in that story now. No it's great. It's really great. It's a really good story and you know. Yeah you light sabers and everything. What's interesting is you would go talk to him. And you could start a conversation and it's obviously not part of the main plot and he would just tell you stories and other school. that was. That was fun to do. Because as a guy doesn't play games you know cameron monaghan who stars in the movie as cal kostas was always always he was so good at where we were In the game like he he had a very he was a very smart guy deep. Understanding and i'd be like yeah anyway. I'm here to make jokes. So let's you know you you know. Catch the canon was his concern. We always had by the way. So you know making that game. There was two people on set every every day No excuse me while a number of people from lucas but there was one guy. Who was lucas cannon overseer who made short you said words correctly and and you know do they allowed you to improvise. I've got to really great jokes into the into the game and you'd makes a joke and then everybody would turn him to see if he said. Yeah that's good or that's not good. It's a fun fun game. And yeah cameron just frankly killed it and after playing the joker to him do something like this. I thought that was such a nice transition for him. He's a he's a he's an actor we're gonna he's he's a brat after we're gonna know him for the rest of his life and debra wilson's terrific to that she's great you make the game over seven months or so so every month you go for a few days and you go back to the game and you can't wait to get back to the game because you're with the actors in your back in that well it doesn't matter if you just wearing jumpsuits and dots on your face. You're still playing those people. I will revisit that world again. Thank you thank you very much and i. Hopefully it's going to be a sequel. I think it was very popular. So they keep talking about a sequel. You know but You know obviously the actors are. They don't want the actors to get up in the right after they made the fugitive and they decided to make in. Us marshals wonder legitimately tried to underpay us real. Like oh yeah. It was called. Us marshals and it was because the marshals were such a viable unit. In the first movie and they're feeling was as long as tommy lee jones it doesn't matter who the marshalls are but thank god. Thank god tommy. Lee jones said it matters to me who the marshalls are good. So he stood up for you guys. Yeah that's the only thing that got us all in the second movie as a stand. I wouldn't have been the same without you guys. Frankly i don't know why. Why would they even of thought they could do it because what people would have been like you know. I you know. I call foul anyway. It's hell hollywood works and you've ever suman. I've been doing it long enough that You know when they don't cast me. I think well you know i'll get the next one. Get dead. I fall in order. Were ever you get your video games available on several platforms. I have it on. Ps four plus you can also get it for xbox one as well for bite. This is tony talada.

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