A highlight from Life Abundantly: A New Conversation with Darryl Strawberry


So thanks for joining me for this podcast. Everybody greg laurie here with my friend. Darrell strawberry you know his name. He's a legend. And i love the fact. That darrell has taken the theme. That has come his way because of his incredible accomplishments as a baseball player and also as a television personality and shows like the apprentice but he leverages these elements to bring the gospel to people and he stands up without embarrassment or fear and talks about his faith all the time of hung out with darryl in quite a few occasions. And i've always been impressed by his humility. he's very down to earth guy. He takes time for people when they come and want to talk to him or get an autograph but he always encouraging a member. He came and spoke at our church on one occasion and afterwards he was meeting people he was the last person there on the grounds and what i loved wasn't just that he was signing autographs and talking about sports. He was praying for people. He was ministering to people. Got is put a call and darryl's life to be a minister now and he's written a brand new book. that is called. Churn your season around. How god transforms your life. So gel thinks are being with me and you know when you wrote this book. You probably had no idea that all of us were going to have our season turned around with this corona virus. No question a a great. Thanks for having me. I really appreciate you. I really appreciate you taking time out in writing a foreword for me. It's really means a lot to me and my family and everything. So i had no idea that you know i would be in a season where it would be where i have to turn my season around. I thank god for all of us that we understand that you know going through this process that we would have to go through and twenty twenty. That would be a year of coming out. And how do we come out. And what did we see when we come out. And i think the most important thing is really being able to keep our focus on the biblical principles and understanding who christ if we lose sight of that Then we will find ourselves chasing after everything else. And i just realized you know. Standing on the platform for god is far greater. This standing after plane facing nolan ryan even though it was hard facing nola rights. What standing on the platform. For god him when he goes in being able to talk about the the good news which is really important and i think what is season Turn your season around with really all about is to be able to help people understand that no matter where you at you know your season could turn around. You might have the first six months of the year. That could be difficult. But there's another six months coming as just like a ball game. Like i say facing nolan ryan. I may go over to First two at bats. But i still might have back at back coming up in the eighth inning. And what am i gonna do. Am i gonna be ready are am i gonna be thinking about. Though i previous at basham. I realized that life is the same way we just have to learn to ride away. Ride to storm turn season around in the midst of any. Certainly done that. Because you've had some rough seasons in your life especially before you really made that deeper commitment. To jesus christ struggles with drugs struggles with the law and all those things how able to get through all of that. Where was it processing. You always have people around you. Who has been changed. I think the key for me was my grandmother. And i never forgot her friend for me. And then i think about my wife. Who got brought into my life when i was in misdemeanor diction and she never went back. He's got twenty one years recovering. I was still out there in the mr addiction. shooting don't smoke tracking loss in three million dollars in debt and she was fully out of dope house and she was basically saying that god has a plan for you wanted to god demand. Let me die. She said you just not lucky. So i guess i wasn't lucky 'cause she was strong enough to know that her relationship with god was good and i thank god is always gonna do the same thing just like he uses me you. You're gonna always use people help people and encourage people and if it wasn't for the encouragement you know. I don't think i'll be sitting here today. She's a blessing. And i just thank god for her not giving up only when everybody else said your own town while his life is over she said. Now your life is not over. It's gonna be a new beginning but it's going to be a process and you don't have to walk through the process so she made me be responsible take responsibility for the three main in debt. She may be call. All the people that had to deal with facing. I just had to face things head on. And when i started standing up to that i started seeing god. Start to move in my life in a different way while you know in your book you talk about people who wanna be influencers and that so many people today just want things. Well you've had you've had seen for years. I'm sure when you walk through an airport. People recognize you from all walks of life and having experienced all that you warned against ego in your book e. g. o. and that's an acronym for what for easing god out because that's what we actually do. You know what we step into the life of fame and fortune and so many people think. The excitement of being famous is a good thing as really not. I mean because you got a lot of people are going to continue to focus on you. And they're gonna focus on your struggles just as well as your good things you know and you could probably do more good things than your struggles on your struggles are just really part of what life is in. Most people focused on the struggle.

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