Lets go Old School #436

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Hey everyone welcome to the new media. Show my name is todd cochran. Of course i'm joined by my co host. Mr robbery and rob were doing this. Show a little different this time. It's audio only. There were a little old school prerecording. Yeah i thought. And i. I did that with my show the other night. I thought it would be interesting to this a little bit but more relaxed. I think indefinitely less. Prep i know you did a little prep today. But typically You know don't so but prefer me at least it's just seems like a little easier to without having to you know. Get the studio fired up and do all the other stuff today. Were actually recording the show on riverside dot fm so they had me a test counter here. So i give them a little credit. Where credit's due. Yeah it's a nice nice Platform i think the quality is i think what is really known for. So they've done a you know Squad cast is another one that does it trick job on the quality side so Down it's great to be using this tool and you and i can see each other which it makes it good too. So it's we could record bid with you want but anyway this is today for today audio but so the news just keeps on happening. You know in rob. I have to laugh Eight cast is now the number one biggest podcast host. Or it's a big us. Podcast company in the. Us is what the claims are so podcasts company in the us now so yeah but anyway the companies can make claims. They don't have to be true. It's the same thing that happens in politics right. that's true. how do they you know what it what was. Their justification was a number of people. They never said the article that i read never really justified. Its position. I i think The the article. Actually it was kind of funny. It was almost like the the author of the article or the journalists wrote. The article was almost making fun of it was like saying whether or not it's true or not. It's a sign of their aspirations of what they're trying to do. So meanwhile you know the buying spree continues. Yeah and you know. I think just spend another pile cash. Two hundred and thirty million police can that last piece of you know away. From e w scripts so now the The w scripts folks are completely out of radio and podcasting and basically doubling down on on video and television. Well one thanks for sure is they made out well on the heels a nice a nice little return on investment for owning. You know some companies for a few years. Yeah yeah like. Beyond the commission cited those deals goodness. I mean the commission say those deals is enough to retire on. But i think that the real story though is iheart in their their ambitions to you know be be the biggest podcasting company in the world to i think just like that they they were the biggest arlit. Continue to be the the biggest radio company in the world to so well. If you read. Tom webster's latest post. You know you can buy something and you can wish in one hand in my. My father used to say do something in the other. I probably hit the show. Wish in one hand poop in the other and see what you get. I in you know i think that I her has been but you know it's just like any other podcast. If you you can build it but they may not come so now that they bought all this tech and it's all locked up you know it's kind of interesting about this. Is that the options for podcasters for independent and people that are building. Networks are now narrowing in the tools that they have unless you want to be part of an iheart ecosystem a spotify ecosystem and that to me is Interesting because as a service provider that offers the many of the tools

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