[TEST] Charles Blow on His Black Manifesto of Great Migration Back to the South


Tuned into black on the air with lou. Thanks for tuning in you. Guys are really appreciated Wanna thank everybody For listening have a really Interesting show today charles. Blow the new york times. Columnists book called the devil. You know black. Power manifesto where he Proposes something very interesting in it Based on the great migration conforto conversation with charles sees. He's a very interesting guy. Had him on the nightly show years ago and He's very has some very interesting ideas. So we're gonna get into that a lot about black culture in that sort of thing. What's happening right now. So i won't talk about that in my Into now because we're going to cover a lot of that. But i do want to talk about some of those issues coming up. Not just for stream on you know. This is back in the air. But there's a lot of issues out there. And i believe there's a lot of i'll call it. This isn't a good phrase. But i'll call it mission confusion and the reason why i'm saying that i think there's a lot of A lot of things the black community. And i know i'm over generalizing here so i apologize for that that i think i need in order to accomplish a lot of different goals in there. They're not necessarily connected and one of the things. I'll be covering a coming up in the future not today but i want to put this on your mind. So you know i'm going to be talking about this is i. I think there are two things going on out there that are sometimes in conflict with each other. When it comes to the back community. And i will call them racial justice of versus racial grievance. Okay so i want to put that out there to you. And i'm not gonna. I know i'm teasing right now. Not gonna go into detail right now. 'cause actually have a good top charles bo coming up in and we'll talk about some of that but i want to put that out there. These are two kind of separate issues you know. One just is kind of based on laws and transforming the way that institutions are structured in and grievance which is for me kinda base more in opinions in people's feelings and up things like that. But i'm i'll go into more detail about that later. Little bit different But both very interesting both very wrote both very important. You know they're just. They're not always in cooperation with each other is one of the issues. And i think there's not always clarity around that so because i don't have a lot of time today I wanted to just say give a shoutout to The people who are on the ground helping everybody in texas right now that is gone through took time with the weather. not helped anybody did crews going to cancun which is kind of a funny story this week. But what's not funny is what's happening so many people are you know just without food and you know they're in situations they'd have faced before you know. A lot of the countries used to this type of weather but there are places that aren't used to. I'm one of those kind of places if we had that type of thing here in southern california. It'd be a mess as well but there are a lot of organizations out there that are doing some really good work. Give a shout out to my niece. Vanessa vanessa wilmore. Who is doing some of that. Work yourself with the feed. The people dallas which is a great organization and they give food directly to people They they i know they collect money but more than money. They collect resources that they can give directly to people that needed. 'cause sometimes money is great. You know you need money for things but sometimes people just need water. You know like right now you know or you know food to feed the kids right now you know and so Those grassroots organizations like that that are ended on the ground and there's a lot of them. I just mentioned hers. Because she's my niece and she's doing. I'm really proud of her. She's doing good job down there but there there are other organizations like that. I encourage you to look line if you can help. That's great you know All the support is really welcome. And finally you know i. I sent him keeping unsure because they don't have the time to. I do want to thank everybody. That was so kind. Oh let them. Before i get into that. let me just mention. I have a series on netflix. Right now command. And i didn't get a chance to talk about last week because A segment something else but Amend is the story of the fourteenth amendment and it's a documentary six part docu series that i did with will smith and the documentary group in man. It took it took a while to put this thing together and it wasn't easy but we're really proud of it now. Hope you guys get to see its educational inspirational. It's informative eye opening. it was eye opening for me. It was real really good experience to learn some of the nuances of one of our most important constitutional amendments with just the fourteenth amendment. Lot of good stuff in there. I encourage you guys. Please watch him in You can watch with your family. You know it's not one division but since detaining one division that is taken up by kids level division. I think he's gonna go to but

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