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Biden or the second hour of our radio show Way have not seen 100 100 100 Vance to remain missing. Throughout this entire first month of the bottom presidency, charmingly enough So no no sightings of hunter just as yet. And what about the second hour of a radio? You seen that? Well, I do. I do hear good things about that. I think that it's gonna be coming very soon. Very shortly. I think folks want it. Listen to me, and we need to get some calls and from our viewers, our listeners. That's right. So Texas I think the people who the the exodus from Tech from Florida to Texas Texas just want to make those Californians feeling home. Now there's new power. That be a fair statement. I would say so. I mean, here's the thing what we're seeing. You know, I could speak down from from Florida. Here we have all these folks moving down on the hope is that they're not bringing the politics with it. They're they're fleeing. These states like California work. They're coming to Florida into Texas. And the concern is that the states that are running themselves really well, there are Republicans. We're going to be, you know, eventually inundated with all these group voters and they're going to they're going to shift And I can tell you that's very real concern on the ground here in Florida, But I can tell you also that Ron to stand down here in Florida is somebody that I think we're gonna see a walk from. The upcoming years Republican Party politics Back to Texas. I know we want to talk about Ted Cruz. Did you get a chance to get over to Texas and try to track down the

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