If you if you've never thought about running for school board or City Council, or even State. Rep. Do it


That's why people who are conservative parents need to go in and get elected to the school board. Yeah, and so organized locally. If you are If you if you've never thought about running for school board or City Council, or even State. Rep. Do it if you've got the time if you've got the inclination, if you if you not sure if you have the time, but you might feel to make the time. Stop being a complainer and get out and do it. Go for you getting getting the Republican Party if you don't like the direction of GOP Go get in. Be a precinct Captain get involved. Get involved. But don't you sit around a complaint? Damn school board because you know what? You're part of the problem. Said conservatives have sat on their hands. Where the Washington generals And everything that we don't like What's going on in America right now? Or the Harlem Globe trotters and they're just they're just doing circles around us. Some of it comes from a place of good intentions. Lot of it. Not Um Ironies. Why is D C still being occupied by the military general? That is puzzled. Me and I, It's such an irony to hear about. Let's bring our troops home from America. Well, I I think that Americans. Maybe we want more Trump impeachment trials as long as it keeps Congress occupied. There's something to be said for that. Well, it is something of Ah, shame for Biden that people are still concentrating on Trump. And we're in the 2nd and 3rd month of his his his presidency. Uh, did he have? What's he up to? 170. Executive action orders. Yeah. Is fraudulent. See, assigned to quite a few of them. I criticizing everybody else for doing so must have. He must have somewhere an ambitious goal of $100 per gallon gas by the end of his 1st 100 days in office. You can see the price of gasoline going up. The same amnesty bill is being talked about. We're gonna have our roving reporter John Abbott, who is out in the field. Tracking down Ted Cruz once get the bottom of the Ted Cruz. We're going to catch that on the second half of the show. But me and some of the stuff and I'm you know the stuff that's being the bills that are now being introduced the legislation. We need childproof locks to keep

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