The Case Of The Murdered Jewess

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We now lay before the reader. A full account of a shocking murder that of miss sarah alexander the beautiful polish jewess. Who was foully murdered in an east new york cornfield. The crime was one of the most shocking that has ever occurred in the metropolis or its vicinity. Cousin of the dead girl to whom she was very much attached was arrested and the discovered fact of her near maternity coupled with the expected arrival of the prisoner's wife from germany furnished. The only clue there was to the horrible deed. Eddie thank you so much for joining me today. Thanks for having their happy to be here. So we're talking about some murder. Pamphlets there were four that were published about the case of pesach. Rubinstein were featuring two of them. These pamphlets were type of pulp literature. They've been around for a long time and were especially popular in the nineteenth century. Tell us more about them. These were mostly eight to sixteen page pamphlets that were often illustrated and described typically in lurid detail well-known murders that took place in the united states. Obviously the time. There's no radio. Tv internet print media is the only thing available and some of them are. I guess you could say enhanced. Sometimes the writers make things up both were pale with lips compressed and is haggard and as they halted and looked at each other their hearts appeared to be like open books every feeling every emotion could be read. She had a knife with which her own life blood was to be. Shed thrust into her bosom and drawing it fourth. She held it toward her companion. He trembled violently. His knees smote together and he was altogether like a man intoxicated. It's obvious these pamphlets were not written by people who knew about jewish beliefs and practices. They contain some false information. They show a lack of knowledge of how jews live and worship. What's an example of this. One of them shows him preying on his hands and knees with his hands clasped before him. So this is obviously how a christian praise and not at all. How a jew praise our artist has graphically sketched him while at prayer and from the illustration a better idea can be gained than any description can give. Now that we've heard about the pamphlets can you give us a detailed overview of the story contained within the particular ones were exploring in eighteen. Seventy five a body was found in a field in east new york. East new yorkers in brooklyn and at the time and eighteen seventy five. It was a far. Now it's not on december fourteen. He found the body of a woman in a cornfield on the ground behind a stack of corn. These stacks were at the lower end of the field near the fence. The farthest off from the plank road. There was a shawl lying by the side of the body. The corpse was about two feet from the base of the corn stack. The body lay on the back and was all cut about the neck win. This went and informed. Mr wessel who in company two other men went and viewed it farmhand had her and he went to the police and told them they came investigated. Took the body away to the morgue. They know who was there had been no reports of anyone missing in brooklyn and so they chose to do so. This person must from manhattan. The police were puzzled. No report had been received of any late disappearance from the neighborhood. Nevertheless the region was scoured. All during tuesday afternoon and evening. The police station was thronged and officers. Say that not less than two thousand persons saw the body no one could identify it and the conclusion was arrived at that. She was a stranger in the village. So what they did was. They put an advertisement in a newspaper which was actually very common at the time claiming that a body had been found and they wrote a description of it now at the same time a woman who worked for a particular family on the lower side had gone missing. Her name was. Sarah alexander at her brother went to the rubinstein family where she worked and he said you know. Have you seen sarah. She didn't come home from work yesterday and they said no she was here until such a time and then she left. We haven't seen her since so her brother. Put an ad in the newspaper looking for missing person and describing her the new york sun december fourteenth eighteen. Seventy five a girl missing since the afternoon of the twelfth age. Seventeen years stout middle height face dark dressed in a light colored dress with the black over skirt striped shawl small gold earrings with red stones. Any information will be received by. J p alexander number thirty essex street coincidentally. The two advertisements appeared on the same page in the same paper and they describe the same person. The father of the rubinstein family happened to get that paper. He saw the advertisements and he went to the police station. Ad said that girl is sarah alexander of number thirty essex street. She was a good religious girl. She did not stay away from home and if she was murdered away out there. Some ruffians must have dragged her away so the police came to the home and began to interview everyone to find out where she had last been seen and while they were entering everyone. One of the sons came in. His name was pace off rubinstein on monday. The sun with great perturbation of manner told them that he had had a dream the previous night. He dreamed that. Sarah alexander was lying murdered alongside of corn stalks ten miles outside of the city. She was murdered by an italian and the knife was close beside her. She wants me to bury her. He said

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