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11 times. This one's a bit different. It is and actually the Ronald Reagan second inaugural what they scrubbed it because of bad weather. But right now, the president's limousine is about to turn onto a very historic stretch of street. He's turning onto Pennsylvania Avenue, the 1600 block. Past of Pennsylvania Avenue and to the president and Dr Biden left. The White House, which has Karen explain is very visible now, but on the right Where there's the large camera platform is Lafayette Park. And this is the stretch. Oh, and it looks like Uh, it and the Memo is slowing down because the marchers in front of them are going to go so late to the to the president's right in Lafayette Square, and this stretch of pavement is where President Trump walked across the park that was cleared of protesters to stand in front of ST John's Church. So this patch of pavement has seen not only the fun and excitement of history of Big parades. It used to be a thoroughfare, just a regular traffic street. It was closed down years ago. And now this is an area where many presidents before him have gotten out of the limousine to be able to walk the last 100. Of 150 yards to the front gate of the White House s o This there, is it If you would just turn on the television now or just looked at pictures the last few minutes. You would think this looks like a very, very normal inaugural parade, except for lining the streets are not Dictators. It's almost all police and military. And those police officers and members of the military saluted as the motorcade went by. President's limousine made the slow turn onto Pennsylvania Avenue. It has come to a stop now. Motorcycles ahead of it have their lights flashing as to a couple of patrol cars. Members of the Secret Service stand arrayed around the beast as the presidential limousine is known with its special license plate 46 for the 46th, president of the United States. Who took his oath of office about four hours ago. Here at the capital. Now he is just steps from his new home at the White House. I'm Aaron Carter Ski. You're listening to live coverage from ABC News. We saw the new president still in a mask. Waving from the window. Two police officers and members of the military who were saluting as the motorcade came by. President Biden returned to Washington. After laying a wreath at Arlington National Cemetery with three of his predecessors. Motorcade has come to a standstill. An honor guard is getting into position at the White House. So he walks through that cordon on his way in for the first time as president. ABC is Molly Nagel is watching with us, Molly That's right, Erin. We're seeing vice president holding right now, as he gets ready to come upon the White House, which will Isa building He's very familiar with. You obviously spent eight years there during The Obama administration, but now it's going to be his home. He's gonna walk into that Oval office today as president of the United States, and we know that he's planning a very busy first day. He is hitting the ground running on really looking to set a strong tone in terms of the actions he's taking on the first day. I'm struck by the fact that Biden's inaugural address was much very much about unity and bring the country together to turn the page and focus on the challenges ahead. Much of the action that he's going to take on this first day is actually rolling back. Some of those signature policy areas from President Trump was going to see him fortified DACA that program that President Trump tried to dismantle while he was in office for also going to see him rejoin the Paris climate. Accord it see him stop sending funding T the border wall construction that was obviously a signature of piece of legislative signature piece of the Trump Administration. They're part of the 15 executive actions He's going to take on his first day alone in office. And that is just one day of these. This 1st 10 days stretch where the President Biden administration is going to take a serious of actions, including legis, introducing legislation like their comprehensive immigration bill. You really hit the ground running and start to work on the challenges that they feel are laying in front of the country right now. Baby

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