Turnbuckle Tabloid-Episode 214 - burst 12


He is actually own the truth and this is not just a character thing i think don cows is actually had his hand in the pot and one in. This has been the worst for long time with the bus with tony kahn and other so i think this is big. Time loan terms story talent. And i think that may be some kind of big splash in the end that that that just no surprises in the rest of the world as a whole because this is a wrist as being taken julia together. What made the companies come together like this to work together west last time or for first time this happened. I'm trying to get. Wwe wwf has never done it also. You had territories whenever name but that was basically all anti. It's all in the if what we would call me today. You know what i mean. There's no companies that have done anything like it so yeah. That's a huge risk that you take so. Why would it not be long term. If you want to take such a few us fucking wrist like there were a w possibly take on. All the negative impact. Had in the past. But i i always said the benefit you know you gotta look at what the the benefit that comes out of this and Eight w is the one that's gonna sit there and take the biggest loss of this. They bought they have really doesn't have anything. Lose right right my my whole thing with all this The only connection. That i would like to see with new. Japan is the fact that I want to see can be the one that goes after moxley. That's

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